Newfoundland South Coast 2006

Freya’s write-up from Wendy’s blog:

Freya’s blind date with Wendy
Thursday, June 01, 2006


Hi, there!

This is finally Freya speaking, being safe and sound back home!

Sorry it took me some days to get this published, but I had only one night at home, and then headed out again to a German symposium, teaching G-style rolls until Sunday 28th.
I think I caught a slight cold, standing in the North Sea water three days for about 8 hrs, although I thought I was used to the *really* cold water from Newfoundland…but at least I wasn’t swimming in NF 🙂 !

More pictures are uploaded on “webshots”. Any questions are welcome…

So, what’s *my* story about those two women paddling together in Newfoundland, who never met before, besides frequent e-mailing and three phone calls?
And got this friendship started with a nice e-mail from Wendy, as she saw my “last glance” picture in Sea Kayaker Magazine, and read my profile on my website

How can you do this, I was frequently asked when I talked about my plans – paddling with someone on such a remote coast, without having met her and knowing more about her?

Female intuition… :-)), and that was right, as usual…

There are only few chances offered in life where you should just be spontaneous!

One night before I was heading off to teaching in New Zealand in March, Wendy told me on her second phone call she’ll be really *doing it* THIS YEAR already, what about she was fantasizing already on e-mails before:
Circumnavigating the “Rock”….going for a *real* life change combined with that journey…not only *talking* about future dreams forever (like most people do)…but just ENVISIONING a new goal, GOING for it and DOING it.

I liked her attitude! Deep in my heart I felt she was matching me and the stage of life we were both in.

She welcomed me to join her on the NF trip, for parts or all of it.

I felt a bit sorry that my life didn’t provide me more *continuous* time in one piece to go for the whole journey (ok, ok, I really can’t complain about not having enough spare time… :-)) ), but shops and kid still call me home after a few weeks.
Staying awake after her call until 3am, thinking…, I decided to join Wendy at the beginning of Mai, for at least a little piece of “The Rock”, the remote South coast.

Booking my flight to Newfoundland being on the airport waiting to fly off to New Zealand, things seemed to continue being exciting in my life!!!

I love the life on the fast track, making plans for the next trips already whilst being on a current trip…somehow tough, as the enjoyment of the current trip should be lived fully, too.

But having NO future plans on your mind makes you standing still, and standing still is usually the first step going backwards…

To be honest, I’ve never been on a longer kayaking trip than a week, and I never went on a trip with a woman only…

That first time I paddled continuously for 17 days was an interesting experience to listen to what your body and mind are telling you when they are getting pushed over the limits…
…and I feel I WANT LONGER TRIPS!!! :-))
Let’s see what life will bring in future…

I experienced paddling with a woman partner has many advantages, and I enjoyed that very much in different ways.

Wendy was a great kayaking and camp partner!

She’s a lovely and lively person, with almost unlimited endurance for paddling all day for a long period of time. Gifted with a flexible and spontaneous mind, she’s always curious about what’s waiting behind the next corner…and that keeps her exciting, and going on for new experiences in life.
No complaining, no moaning if conditions weren’t favourite, she always stayed positive with a smile and laugh, and all possibly mistakes we made were just added to the lifelong learning process.

She loves the sea, she loves the nature, she loves to meet people, and she loves the LIFE!
(But against all rumours we both still love MEN… 🙂 which for sure were frequently discussed in all details :-)) )

I really enjoyed kayaking with her, felt we had the same “wavelength”, and would always go for another opportunity to meet her and paddle with her again!

I wish her well, having an exciting trip for the next weeks, hope she’ll see more of the stunning nature, meet lots of interesting people, and that she’ll stay SAFE!

Thanks to all the nice people supporting and hosting us along the way, especially Glenn, Rick and Chris driving me back and forth to the airport, and dealing with my bags. And to Glenn again who did the updates of our trip.

“Thank you” to Justine, hosting us on this blog! Women power… :-))

And…yes, Derrick, a big “thanks” to you first, as without you this blog and our websites wouldn’t exist 🙂

Freya Hoffmeister