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“World Paddle Awards”

Certification Nominee 'World Paddle Award'


I am honored to be one of the eight female nominees for The World Paddle Awards, category “Sportswoman of the Year“.

Please vote for me here!

I would be very happy if you’ can post the link also on your own social media channels, paddler’s forums or send it to your friends to vote! Voting closes late January 2015

Mon 18/12-2014 Day 723

Highlights: Eventually time to do proper online work
Lowlights: rain all day, kayak not repaired yet

Loc: Subauma
Acc: Emiliano’s house in

Ahhh, there is nothing but a nice clean cool private place from time to time…thanks to Emiliano to host me in the family holiday house! It is actually quite a palace…

Wed 17/12-2014 Day 722


Emiliano, my great host in Lauro de Freitas, and his wife, took me for dinner to a great local sea food restaurant. Thanks!


Highlights: I got picked up by my Sao Luis friends, thanks!
Lowlights: Rain all day
Loc: Subauma
Acc: Emiliano’s house

Tue 16/12-2014 Day 721


Left side nose full seam split on landing through the reef at Subauma.The nose was bent 45 degrees to the left side! I could push it back to position


Highlights: I didn’t break my neck…
Lowlights: I broke my nose…
Launch: Horrible timing through many fat breakers…
Landing: Wrong reef entry…
Pos: -12.2337 -37.7677
Loc: Subauma
Acc: Emiliano’s house
Dist: 50, 9 km
Start: 5:45 End: 13:05

Mon 15/12-2014 Day 720


A beautiful handcrafted decoration canoe at a house in Sitio


Highlights: Me and my kayak survived this landing in one piece
Lowlights: A scary feeling all day where and how to land
Launch: One kilometer wide surf belt,from low to trashy
Landing: Bad ugly huge surf on a soft reef just after many rocks
Pos: here
Loc: Sitio
Acc: tent
Dist: 51,8km
Start: 4:45 End: 13:00

World Paddle Awards – getting closer! Thanks for voting

Pleas also ask your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to do so, and share the link via your own facebook and forums.
Many thanks!

It is so exciting… I got to know about my nomination quite late as the e-mail was in my spam-folder for a while and I first didn’t get what it meant, thought it was an error not having finished my South American circumnavigation yet as it was first noted “Finished in May 2014″ in my bio.

Sun 14/12-2014 Day 719


Camp at the powder fine sand at Mangue Seco. Many surf waves to go through!


Highlights: I found some unbroken river entrance
Lowlights: It was narrow, scary, rough and bumpy
Launch: Low surf, then some ugly breaker field to get fully out
Landing: Sheltered river beach
Pos: here
Loc: Mangue Seco
Acc: tent
Dist: 43,3 km
Start: 4:45 End: 13:00

Sat 13/12-2014 Day 718


A tourist boat dumping people at a sand bank in Rio Mosqueira


Highlights: Some lucky dolphins inside the river
Lowlights: Nasty river bar break
Launch: Low surf
Landing: Sheltered river mouth beach
Pos: here
Loc: Rio Mosqueiro
Acc: tent
Dist: 61,2 km
Start: 4:35 End: 15:40

Fri 12/12-2014 Day 717


The fishing boats also have to fight high breakers leaving Pirambu river mouth


Highlights: Good speed!
Lowlights:nasty river surf
Launch: Low to not so low surf
Landing: Fat high surf belt
Pos: here
Loc: Pirambu
Acc: tent
Dist: 56,2 km
Start: 4:35 End: 13:30

No one passed by my tent site all day and night. Good. I took good care that my tent was not put up directly under a palm tree with possibly falling coconut…

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