South American trip map
South American trip table

New plan finalized – I will reverse this section, going from Recife north

I was able to talk to Jadiel already at lunchtime. They are happy to drive me to Recife via some quite good roads on Friday, 1500 km one way. I will start over from Recife with easy conditions and light following wind, building up slowly my trip pace according to the increasing wind. Ideally, I finish this reversed leg back in Humberto de Campo, but I will leave the option open to finish earlier and to leave a tiny gap due to horrible conditions.

New plans

Screenshot 2014-10-21 12.23.04.png

If you like to see an animated screenshot of the windflow, go to,-2.12,1013


I am back to “my” room in Sao Luis, feeling a slight bit stupid…

The toughest decision of the trip


Back to sandy camps


I won’t go now. At least I won’t continue from here.

I already was describing the outlook for the next 1000 km until Recife: Continuous headwind with no daily or even hourly change of around 20 knots, never under 15 knots, quite often over 20 knots, with an according sea state. Plus an endless wide surf belt which I may be able to break through only on the outgoing tide, with very few safe landings like river mouths in between. Conditions you’d always want to sit out on such a trip. But there is no sitting out here. It is all year round almost the same.

Back to “my” beach


My crew arriving in Primeira Cruz. Jadiel with Sandra in the blue shirt, Lucas in the red one.


Highlights: I made it safe back to “my beach”
Lowlights: dangerous drive, heat, strong headwind, big surf to expect, knot in my stomach
Pos: -2.3574,-43.2495
Loc: across Travosa
Acc: tent
Dist: 0
back at 3 pm

Back to my 3rd workplace!

I spent the whole long five months of my summer break quite productive upgrading and updating my two ice cream shops in Husum Markt 2 und Husum Hafenstraße 11, plus rebuilding my x-mas shop in Husum Markt 2 which opened when we closed the ice cream shop on October 14th.

Once done, I could fly off on October 16th, to look again into my paddling job to finally finish the big task to get around South America!

Windforecast in “my” corner in South America

Screenshot 2014-10-12 22.23.21.png

Screenshot 2014-10-12 22.23.21.png

Well, when I’ll  be on the water on Sunday, it will be still a bit of hard work…yahoo!!!


Thermarest Evolite – my new choice!


Thermarest Evolite 2015 (left), Neo X-Lite, Pro Lite Plus


A big thanks to Justus Hyatt, Thermarest marketing coordinator, to send me a sample of the brand new Thermarest Evolite, which will only be on the market in 2015. It had just been recently premiered and was first shown on the Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen, where it already got an Outdoor Industry award on the first show!

Paddle Expo Nürnberg 2014


Four of my main sponsor companies, represented by Richard Öhman, Point 65, Jeff Turner, Kokatat, Natalie Jörg, Haglöfs and Björn Strid, THULE.


A perfectly timed event for me to get back into “paddling mood” at the end of my long summer break, close to the start of the final leg of my circumnavigation of South America mid-October.

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