Sun 07.08.2016 Day 36

Sunday, 07.08.2016
Day 36
No paddling today

My tent was shaking especially the afternoon from the strong and gusty winds, and more than once I guessed it got ripped off my guy lines and tent poles! Heavy rocks are securing the large sand pegs, and my good old Hilleberg Allak did the job once more. The nights high tide came dangerous close to my tent, but I didn’t need to lie calm and just stay afloat on my Therma Rest for a while like once in Patagonia on some inlet when the tide was secretly rising too high slowly through the long thick grass. 😃

I did some walk in the morning over the widely exposed sea bed on low tide, thinking I will have to launch next morning over it, but as usual feeling rather my body recovering for the next at least three nicely following wind paddling days. Nothing exciting happened today! Raining heavily now…