Fri 12.08.2016 Day 41

Friday, 12.08.2016
Day 41
No paddling today

The absolute opposite this morning to yesterday morning – a red sun raise with not a single cloud or wind – if I’d not know the forecast for today, I should have been on the water already! Actually I could have gone for maybe three hours, but this was not worth getting up and wet. I’m not on the run here…

The forecasted strong south-west wind came pretty soon, and my tent was getting heavily sandblasted from about 10 to 5 pm. I went out for a short walk with flip flops, kind of enjoying my feet getting massaged by the flying sand. Nothing about a peaceful beach life today! The sea was whipped up, and even the other direction may not have felt really great to paddle today. Only the ever-present dog walkers were out on the beach, most of them with two or more dogs, sometimes I’m wondering if whole Ireland has more dogs than humans? On other beaches, I saw some horse riders galloping in high speed up and down the beach, it looked like those were professional race horses on their “training day out” on the beach. Pretty cool looking! I have never been to a horse race…

Besides fiddling with the slow or no internet to update my blog, things went pretty slow today. I was already asleep again at 9 pm, when Dave Cottier woke me up a second time on his second visit, bringing me some more goodies…well, lucky him again, as I was to get up tomorrow at 4 am, but caught enough sleep all day. So one more nice chat for my friendly geocacher! Thanks again for the goodies! 🙂

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