Sat 13.08.2016 Day 42

Saturday, 13.08.2016
Day 42
41,8 km
5.20 h to 15.35 h
N 52.17525 W 06.82753
North of Boginbun Head

Low westerly headwinds were forecasted nw, then sw, and as usual, I underestimated the “low”, means under or just above 10 knots. It felt truly like more, and the tide was also against me most of the day. Not really pleasant paddling today. I rounded two heads. First Carnisore Point, the mayor south-east corner of Ireland, with the calm East Coast water suddenly gone in favor of big swell and bumpy, much chillier water. The point itself was going *with* the current not particular fast or exciting, just some rocky point sticking out. The very steep beach behind the point, like sand bars of inland lakes are mostly like, had some ugly dumper. But it would be doable to land, just in case. The beach flattened out on the last third, the same did the lifted sea on the approach of Kilmore Quay harbor at Forlorn Point.

The next crossing to Hook Head, I better pointed to cross only to Bogibun Head with this now about 12-15 knots south-westerly headwind pushing me in anyway. Sea was bumpy again, and I had to work harder than I was hoping to have to do on the second last day of my circumnavigation! But also this ordeal was over at some point, I reached the head, no need to push on to Hook Head today against the wind.

I found a perfect private small cove with nice sand just before the longer busy Saturday-afternoon-weekend-holiday beach with many people, toys – and kayaks! I have not come by chance across anyone “really paddling” on my whole Ireland trip, but here were a dozen of tourist sit on top plastic kayaks in use on sheltered, dead calm bay water. The coast had some nice rocks and some small caves to offer, so no wonder people were happily out on their plastic floating devices – appropriately dressed in wet suit, PFD and helmet…they may fall off and hit a rock!

My “private” cove had a small tunnel cave to crawl through on offer, and twice the same guide with two or three of those floating tubs in tow stopped to explain and to explore the cave. He may have noticed I was not really up for more of a small talk than a few words, and the third time with the next party he did not stop anymore on “my“ beach, and I had my peace. Thanks…sorry I was not really keen to entertain your guests…I really liked to enjoy my last day out on Ireland’s beautiful beaches in privacy!

Bild könnte enthalten: Wolken, Himmel, Ozean, Dämmerung, im Freien, Natur und Wasser
Bild könnte enthalten: Berg, Himmel, im Freien und Natur
Bild könnte enthalten: im Freien und Natur
Bild könnte enthalten: im Freien, Natur und Wasser
Bild könnte enthalten: Pflanze, im Freien und Natur

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