Wed 03.08.2016 Day 32

Wednesday, 03.08.2016
Day 32
No paddling today

I was able to close my eyes only just at midnight after a good clean late evening paddle yesterday, and getting up again already at 4 or 5 to catch some favourite fide and some still acceptable headwinds before noon was not my plan for this day.
My body feels like it needs longer recovery time😉 if I am not on the run here…
Headwind today got strong and ugly around 10, and I enjoyed some rest at my tent.

The afternoon, I got a visit from Peter who was so nice to serve my needs like Catriona also directly at the beach! Could get used for this style of traveling😃, thanks! He brought me loads of fresh fruit and an eventually with my stove working gas can, while getting my electronics charged at a pub. I am still not happy to leave my gear unattended at the beach to do these jobs myself, so thanks very much! Peter will join me paddling tomorrow! Good tides all morning and fresh following winds all day!

Later, some local outdoor interested guy named Tom came also down to ask for my needs, and brought me some power brick to my tent which made me able to do some long calls to my family. My own brick he took home over night to charge, hope this works as I had my doubts it did still the job. Thanks, Tom! Many issues to solve to stay online…how nice and quiet traveling times have been without internet😂 But I wouldn’t want to miss it…

Robb Smith
Robb Smith It is sad that you can’t leave your gear at your camp site and trust that no one will steal it from you. I know it’s only the few bad apples but they do spoil the bunch.
Tom Heaney
Tom Heaney It’s charging now and up to 3 bars so should be good by 6am tomorrow so see you then 😆

Sarah Rutherford
Sarah Rutherford · 7 Gemeinsame Freunde

You not paddling too Tom 😄 still pretty windy though today!

Tom Heaney
Tom Heaney Been very lazy re paddling lately !!

Freya Hoffmeister
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Frances Price
Frances Price It’s nice to have access to internet, but not have it be intrusive. Glad you have such great support for this “not on the run” trip!

Jimmy Zeta
Jimmy Zeta Que experiencia más dura. Pero que sensaciones increíbles debes vivir, que envidia sana. Te deseo mucha suerte y fuerza. Desde Argentina un beso!!!🌍🌎🌏🌋🏔🏖🏜🗺🏘🏝Übersetzung anzeigen

Sylvia Smith
Sylvia Smith · Mit Ailien Rhijnsburger befreundet

So windy yesterday – nearly got blown off the cliff on our walk from Praa sands back to porthleven. Enjoy your recouperation.

Sonia Giassi
Sonia Giassi Enjoy and take a rest !!! 😘