Future postings

In future, my updates from my new trip will still be posted via satellite phone on my blog and forwarded automatically to my facebook page and site. But all discussions and comment are gathered on my facebook page. I have even turned off the comment function on my blog entries. Communication styles have changed these days.. Many short notices and requests, I’ll not be posting on my blog, but only on my facebooks.
On my trip, I will not be able to post pictures via satellite phone, this is still way too expensive in $$ and (battery) time. When I am on wifi and able to upload my pictures of the last days, they will be stored permanently, with subtitles, geotags and the best resolution I have on my google photos album, with a note and link on facebook. I will not insert them any more separately into my old posts neither on my blog nor on my facebook entries of the last batch of days since wifi access like I usually did – just too much work, sorry…
Besides that, my “posting chain” will be like on my South American trip – daily e-mail posts, sent to my e-mail list and to my blog via satellite phone through @x-gate from @Globalmarine Networks, or simply via cell phone hotspot. It will automatically update both of my facebooks, my trip table and my trip map with the night locations.
The tracks and pictures will have to follow once on wifi.
In some areas, I may add a delay to my posts for safety reasons not to be looked up as a geo cache at night 🙂
Happy reading!