Fri 02/11-2018 Day 297

Pos: 33.2052,-117.3929″
Loc: Oceanside
Acc: Jen’s house
Dist: 42,1 km
Start: 08:30 End: 16:20

Dave Shively from Canoe & Kayak Magazine came with a videographer to get some interview and footage from my launch this morning. Thanks for coming out to the beach!
And one more of those sunny dead calm and low swell days…what’s the challenge, ave was asking? Well, I can’t pick the weather…he challenge now is to survive boredom to paddle along an endless beach. The surfers brought some entertainment, an ugly nuclear power station…Four heavy military helicopters made us thinking we might be too close to the military area?

We paddled along endless cliffs with sandy beach upfront, finally interrupted by a strange “village” of maybe three dozens of concrete cubicles with holes for door and windows. We were guessing this must be the start of the military area, where they simulated a village in Afghanistan or such, and where the soldiers could play hide and seek with paintball or laser ammunition. Soon, we spotted nine big tanks on the beach, and we better paddled a bit more offshore, out of their shouting (and shooting…) reach. Happy beach life in tanks!
At some point, we were well past, we heard some strange noise…the tanks started to drive back “home” to their base. And that base seemed to be just before the Oceanside campground, they were rattling very noisy and with lots of splashes through the shallow water line before they finally turned uphill. Quite a spectacle!

We found our way into the harbor, escorted by two Outrigger paddlers. Jen Kleck drove just up with her heavy truck to the launching ramp, and we unloaded, showered, changed and washed our kayaks at the gated area of the Outrigger Club. Thanks for that! Would have given also a nice protected campsite, if we would be in need of one.

It was so good to see Jen again! We have met several times on different symposiums, and Jen had also organized my talk about Australia on my West Coast tour 2010. Thanks for hosting us and my talk about South America now once more! Her husband Sean made a wonderful steak and veggie dinner, good to feel “at home” again. thanks!