Fri 06/04-2018 Day 180

Pos: 40.7716,-124.2133
Loc: San Francisco/ Berkley
Acc: Joe’s house

no paddling today

Michael drove us to San Francisco, starting early at 5am, as he preferred to drive back the same day. Thanks so much for this service, Michael! Ten hours of driving, just to shift two crazy paddling ladies around…very nice! I was probably not even really entertaining on the front seat, as I love to fall asleep on driving…unfortunately also when I drive myself.

We finally reached Franca’s house first to pick her car, and she gave us a tour on her lovingly-outfitted and kept Kindergarten/ Preschool-house. I felt like being back to my young days, but rather to the times when I brought my own son Helge to Kindergarten and pre-school…

At Franca’s partner Joe’s house, I got an own room, and re-connected with my spare kayak. Thanks to Joe for hosting me and to keep this kayak safe! One of the jobs this afternoon was to clean and maintain my baby, as it showed some heavy traces of mistreatment…but now it’s all clean and polished again, fixed here and there, and I’ll paddle it from here south for the few days I’ll paddle ahead of schedule from San Francisco. My main kayak meanwhile stays well-kept by Damon in Eureka until I resume the trip from there to San Francisco…

Franca and I were diving into various weather-forecast sites, and were thinking we might as well also paddle Saturday and Sunday…tides, currents, swell and wind is somewhat ok…we did some food-shopping, and had a wonderful salad and shepherd-pie dinner, prepared by Joe. Getting very much spoiled food-wise with those two nice folks!

We went to bed late, kayaks loaded and bas packed, but thinking again over and over the various forecast sites and options. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow morning…