Fri 07/04-2017 Day 14

Pos: 48.9337, -125.5408
Loc: Ucluelet
Acc: Justine’s and J.F.’s house
no paddling today

A fat rainstorm was howling around the house all day, thank goodness houses are hollow ad dry to hide inside! I was happy to wait another day to continue paddling, filled with chores, from the important ones (going to Jen Elisa, the local hairdresser, telling me all stories about J.F.’s younger ages), to the less important ones (buying some more delicacies for the next section). I was also very excited to eventually expect my hosts arriving tonight! I prepared some salad, and Justine, J.F. and I had a nice evening full of old and new stories, lots of laughter and two bottles of wine. Good to be not alone any more in the big house! It looks like paddling would be doable tomorrow!