Sat 07/04-2018 Day 181

Pos: 40.7716,-124.2133
Loc: San Francisco/ Berkeley
Acc: Joe’s house

no paddling today

I was sensing already last night it might be not good to paddle today, but we still had packed and loaded the kayaks. I checked the different forecasts, tidal and current predictions over and over again until midnight and at 5 am when we woke, it was marginal to my idea, so I discussed it again with Franca, and we decided to go back to bed. The rain was still pouring down, though it should be finished latest at 8am – to my forecasts. Franca’s said 11 am…but who cares about rain only…t was the mixture of all four components wind speed, wind direction, swell height, rain and currents getting out of the Gate from Horseshoe Bay, which made things finally not really inviting. Sunday will be even higher seas, but Monday is still the day to move on!

Mishael Rosenthal is likely to join us on Monday, at least a day paddling together with Mishael, as he originally had signed up for longer, but couldn’t make it due to family and work demands. We will likely paddle into Pillar Point harbor. Tuesday will be dead easy, and Wednesday we probably paddle at least half a day – see how it develops. At least some movement…meanwhile south of Eureka, I could have paddled Monday also, but later on Thursday night, seas go up to 6,5 meters!!! Not yet inviting to go back north…

I spent the morning checking maps and making way points, until Franca and I went to town for necessary and unnecessary shoppings. Thanks to Franca driving me around so patiently! She was also a great tourist guide later with a trip to the surrounding mountain park with a view over the Bay, It was a bit hazy though. We passed through the college district of the famous Berkeley University., wish I’d still be young and would have all the choice of the world among all those young people… .A yummy crispy pizza with salad and a bucket of ice cream was lunch, in the evening we visited her partner Joe on his sailboat, took a drink at his yacht club and had some delicious noodle dishes in a small fancy restaurant close to home. I need to watch I’m not putting on weight again with so little paddling and so much good food…

Thanks to Franca and Joe to look after me so well!