Fri 08/03-2019 Day 345

Pos: 26.7529,-113.2669
Loc: entrance point Laguna San Ignacio
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 31,6 km
Start: 6:40 End: 13:20

We were up very early, and on the water on first light. The morning wind will be calm, but in the afternoon, it would be up to 20 knots – headwind. And we liked to cross the whale bay to reach at least the lagoon entrance. I was also hoping to get in there today, but we simply were too late. The crossing was calm until 10 am, many fishing boats, whales, dolphins, pelicans, some sea lions, the regular lush wildlife. When we came closer to the lagoon entrance, it was not really looking scary breaking, just small patches here and there, and not high at all. We planned to stick to the northern entrance, which was basically correct. But the wind breezed up simultaneously to the tide change at 10.30 am and paddling against the outrunning current and 20 knots headwind with some threatening offshore breaker area where we might get blown and washed in was finally too much. We just about made it to the middle of the double headland where the shore break was moderate and decided to land before the strongest current corner came. A good idea!

Still, we liked to check if we can drag our kayaks to the corner and paddle further in the non-breaking water. We dragged with lines on both ends each kayak separately for maybe 150 m but had to realize the current and wind without breakers were also here too strong. Ok, then we have to reach the whale camp tomorrow with again low winds and in-going current to pick our paddles!

We decided to make camp and watched a coyote passing by in some distance. We were both just butt naked after changing clothes in the quite warm wind, and I was in hunting mode with my binoculars to see more of the coyote and quickly walked to the waterline when we spotted a fishing boat coming silently up pretty close behind us…oh…fauxpas…quickly back to the tent to get dressed! The fisherman was probably thinking *he* is also in hunting mode…two naked kayakers…LOL!

We will paddle tomorrow up to Punta Piedras to the Bahia Discovery camp where our paddles should be. Hope it will work out!