Fri 11/05-2018 Day 215

Pos: 35.5705,-121.112
Loc: Cambria, Leffingwell Creek
Acc: Russ’ house

Russ was so nice to drive us back to San Francisco to Laura’s place, where I stored my spare kayak. On the way, we picked my box of stuff I left at Joe’s place. Joe was not home, but Laura and Julien were – good to see them again, at least briefly! Thanks to both and to Joe to store my equipment for a while! And sure thanks one more to Joe and Franca to have hosted me so often in his house, and to Laura and Julian (and Kelly) for that wonderful paddling weekend together!

Back home at Russ’, I explored the possible leakages of my spare kayak, and found the seam split around the hull for quite some lenght. Shitty quality of the old manufacturer, but still the best design of my loved baby!

The designer of my kayak, Magnus de Brito, is cooperating already since some time with his new company Melker Kayaks of Sweden, and they are working hard on a re-design of my wonderful “Freya” kayak. I’m curious to see what comes out evry soon! Please stay tuned!

I also took the rudder apart as so many times, and this time re-assemble it with some (hopefully waterproof…) grease. Maybe the friction of the spring-loaded skeg blade will be a little less to pop out safely and to stay down when I paddle over kelp or such.

I decided to not glue the seam, but to use the magic “Flex Tape” Franca introduced me to. That’s some heavy rubberized waterproof tape which sticks to everything, even under water, I can by it at the local Lowe’s hardware store. I will cut some long stripes matching the width of the seam, and stick it on all around both of my kayaks, so any seam crack would be healed or prevented. Hope this works!

Another hop in the hot tub under the stars…I could get used to that!