Fri 13/04-2018 Day 187

Pos: 36.6015,-121.8879
Loc: Monterey
Acc: Joel and Juli’s house
Dist: 44,9 km
Start: 07:10 End: 16:30

I used again the big trolley from the shop to get back to the dock for launching all by myself early in the morning. A nice, sunny, quiet and dead calm early morning! Packing from a floating dock with the kayak in the water already is a bit tricky when I did not like to roll my kayak heavy loaded over the edge.

The forecast was still for 3 m seas, but no to low winds. All easy going, the harbor bar was calm, and my choice to cross directly over the Monterey Bay was just right. For half the day with calm winds and seas, I had another Karaoke session, this time with no one listening…it is lifting my actually already bright spirits to sing along!

I startled at some point for a small triangle fin sticking out of the water, with a large tail wiggling slowly from one side to the other. An about 1,20 m long shark was lazily cruising along, and I came quite close to him. Not sure if he was attracted by my still playing music?

Another fin showed up later, but no tail but rather a large white body underneath, I assume it was a huge sunfish. I had seen such one already stranded at a beach in Australia. They are massive!

Whale spouts and -backs in many places, some large Albatross-like brown birds with huge beaks, plus eventually some see otters and a bunch of sea lions at the harbor jetty were the wildlife of the day. I also spotted a surf ski, and wondered if the guy came out to look for me? He didn’t see me, and I was too far away to call. We just met at the beach, and it turned out it was Joel, my host, on the lookout for me arriving! He organized a wheelbarrow for my bags, and a beach cart for my kayak to quickly haul my gear and kayak up to the Monterey kayak shop just across. Nice place!

Cath, the lovely owner of the shop, was greeting me warmly, and I changed my clothes under a some nice hot shower. I had a date at 5 pm, Christian, my ex-stepson (I raised him when he was about 7 to 16 years old), is currently studying at the famous Monterey Naval school, and he was able to take some time off his intense studies to drive me on a quick sightseeing tour around for a chat. Nice area! A pity he couldn’t stay longer, and I can’t see it all…I’ll be back! At least I saw the next headland from above…actually way too nice to paddle alone tomorrow here for the next days.

The forecast also shows in the Lost Coast area some easy days coming up, I might give it a thought to rather paddle that section maybe from Tuessday or Wednesday next week. Not sure yet…

Joel, a Monterey Kayaks employee for thirty years now, took me to his home, where Juli, his wife, prepared a yummy dinner with many home-grown veggies and herbs. Delicious! Thanks for looking after me!