Fri 14/04-2017 Day 21

Pos: 49.8558, -127.1204
Loc: Columbia Cove
Acc: tent
Dist: 55,8 km
Start: 07:20 End: 16:45

We decided to have a bit earlier start this morning, as when the tide is low here on this beach, the channel between the reef shelves is narrow and at some point, dry. But we were too late anyway – once we were ready to go, we already had to carry our kayaks over some rocks to the channel end, which had a bit of a drop off when the swell was going out. I was the first to launch my heavy kayak, and Justine had her dreaded camera handy…means I was waiting a swell wave filling the channel and flooding the drop off. A wave came, I gave my kayak a good push, and was jumping on. Unfortunately, my push was just a tad bit too weak, and my stern got stuck on top of the drop off when the wave retracted herself…and I was desperately bracing high and dry for balance, looking like a silly idiot. Thank goodness, the next wave came to lift me just in time before I hung upside down or went swimming!
The wind was already strong all morning, a well pushing south-easterly. We were just flying across the seas, inside or midway through the adjacent island groups. A wonderful ride all day! The sun was out at least briefly, and we were stopping on two precious gems of a campsite – what a pit one cannot sleep with them all! Justine has been here previously at least twice, but still felt it was somehow new, as now she went north instead south.
Sea otters were lingering on the rocks or swimming on their backs, looking like little babies. They are so cute! Never seen so many otters than here in this area! Some eagles, various waterfowls, few seals.
Today, with strong 15-20 following wind and quite low seas all day, I first time on this trip got my heavy kayak to surf. Partly, because we have eaten already through some of the delicious food, partly because Justine was so nice to take my battery bag, partly because I am simply getting slowly but surely back to my regular paddling power, partly because a very special someone was silently challenging the elderly lady in her heavy cruising tanker to get sweaty to do so by paddling a bit ahead of me most of the day! At the end of the day, the about 3 km “home run” to Columbia Cove ended up with a hard push for both of us, but the cute little bitch in her light yellow flee hopper kayak was still a few kayak lengths ahead of me! God should give us to equal kayaks… – I really LOVE paddling with this strong girl! Thanks for being with me!
We started in rain and landed in rain, our gear is meanwhile all quite soaked, and especially the sleeping bags urgently need to dry out. I think b myself I would not bother in bear country to cook in rain away from the tent, but Justine was happy to do so, and I was thankful to be allowed to warm up first inside my damp tent. It looks like I am freezing much quicker than Justine. Or I am just a whimp… She was meanwhile creating out of our resources once more a delicious meal Thanks for that! And next time we paddle together, I will take the “home making” job fully when we may have a larger tent for both of us.