Fri 18/08-2017 Day 142

Pos: 46.9041, -124.1308
Loc: Point Chehalis
Acc: tent
Dist: 51,7 km
Start: 7:05 End: 18:00

This will be the last day with Chris’ company! Another 50-km day for him. It will be low winds all day, and moderate swell with around 1,30-1,50 m. Unfortunately, the low wind means FOG…for about half of the day, we had a whiteout, and could see nothing. Not exciting…thank goodness to the GPS! We stayed far out, away from the surf zone, and were still occasionally lifted on some BIG one, which can scare the hell out of you. But as long they are not breaking…

The paddle was long, not extremely entertaining, besides we tried to entertain each other with some singing. Unfortunately, our mutual understanding of good music and hitting the tones was not really the same, but if it is relaxing for the singer, I was patient!

We had timed it perfect to arrive at the Gray Harbor North jetty at slack low tide, and had not much to suffer going through the entrance. Thank goodness…a bunch of incoming motorboats, and a massive flock of fighting pelicans over some prey were the only obstacles. The landing corner was calm, and we were both happy to be safe again!

Chris’ wife Sara was already waiting to pick Chris up, and I was back to myself again! Thanks to Chris for his company, and for being a listening student. He was paddling most days over his comfort zone and learned a lot! Thanks for being safe! And thanks to Sara to bring me some goodies and my spare rudder fin!