Fri 23/11-2018 Day 318

Pos: 29.2407,-114.8330
Loc: Playa Cuchillo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
no paddling today

Forecasted were gusts up to 25 knots, but winds stayed calm in the morning, in the afternoon under 15 knots. But the seas went clearly up, some nasty swells were breaking on the cliffs. Our bay stayed more or less calm-ish.

I did a long cliff hike today, quite impressive coast! Lisa didn’t find much energy for a longer hike and turned around early. No wonder, by her regular breakfast consisting of coffee only, and maybe one energy bar later…there is nothing but oats in the morning. The scenery is rugged, the surface covered with lose sharp rocks. One has to take very much care not to slip, or some bad abrasion of skin would be following. I took that care, and rather went down on all four, if necessary. Some cactus, some low bushes, some petty solid agave plants, otherwise only sharp lose rocks everywhere. We saw one fox or wild dog on the beach today, some mouse holes, a few lizards, that’s about it on the animal side. Shells allover the rocks, carried up by birds?, pretty abalone, twirly mussels and solid white clam shells.

I was back for lunch, cooked some noodles, and rested for a while, before I decided it’s so low wind and warm-ish today, I could now start to dye my gray roots of my hair…thought and done, and I started the messy job inside my tent. Lisa was of some assistance to take care about not having too much stains allover face and body and tent. When it came to rinsing time, I was hoping I wouldn’t come back out of the sea as a dark skinned person 🙂 The waves were prestty big, and I actually enjoyed the dip for a long while. The water is warm, maybe 20 deerees! Some good freshwater rinse, some good conditioner, and my hair was colorful and shiny again.

To dry off and to get fully warm agin, I went for a fast hike up the next small mountain, a stepp climb up the front side, a mellow walk on the back side down. I was obviously flipping up some nasty loose cactus branch with one fot to stick painful in the ankle of the other. To pull it out I used my hiking poles as plyers…outch! It was hurting for quite a while! But slipping on the lose rocks would have been worse. Dinenr time with a wonderful red sunset sky! At least one more rest day with even higher swells tomorrow, and ofr Sunday, we’ll see…