Fylkir news part 1

Fylkir is writing:

Arriving in time to Alaska, vent much better, than when we last time went to Mexico. Our trip started in a train, and after that we were taken care of, by ICELANDAIR which brought us safely to Anchorage. The two days spent there, in the good company of our host Jutta Dimke. We used to by supplies for our trip, shopping in the land of plenty, is always an adventure of its own. At least for me, this time I was not so worried about the amount we bought, and if all of it would fit in our kayaks. For me noticing improvements, big or small in this league of world class expeditioning, is very important even though it only has to do with shopping. Like always time flies fast, when you are on the run with Freya, and we left Anchorage, in a small plain that flew us to Naknek. Being picked up at the airport by Trident Seafood representative Fernando, was of a great help as he drove us to our now new home for the days up until our departure. The time we spent at Trident´s factory, were used to restore our kayak´s – which was really needed – for Freya´s kayak. Since the one that I am using is brand new, not all that much was needed to be taken care of on that one. During these days our main host Randy, was of an immense help, and for me talking to him about what kind of a factory Trident has at Naknek. Was very interesting, Randy has been at this factory for 26 years, and knows every little corner of it. Finding out how short the salmon run is, only 3-4 weeks and that the factory then just stands still until next year was a big surprise. Having myself worked on projects like this factory, it was like always interesting to hear how they did things. And compare that to what I have of experiences form other electrical projects, we both liked to talk about these things me and Randy.
Our departure arrived according to plan, having had this day in mind for quite some time, we were both excited and eager to get going. We packed our kayaks, to the last available space, fortunately everything fitted, always a key moment when starting a new trip. The use of tides will be a big part of us succeeding, or not succeeding here in Alaska. We felt therefore quite on top when we were paddling with 10-12km pr. hour few hours after we left Naknek. The first day´s goal of crossing Bristol Bay, looked very much in hand at this point, but unfortunately it ended sooner than we wanted, by us running out of water and getting stranded out in the bay. The only thing to do was to wait for the tide to come in again, and we only lost about an hour on this learning lesson. After we gained water again, we found a small river where we decided to put up our first camp. That also meant that we had the first run, of our work sharing, as we have thought about it for this section. As Freya is in charge of the tent and what is inside of the tent, I attend the bear fence and cooking. This all went well, and we had a nice first meal, spiced up with our own dried mushrooms from home, and not the tiniest taste of something burnt – thumbs up for the cook on that one. Putting up the bear fence took some time, that time will become shorter and shorter, by the number of times that I have put it up. Putting up the fence is for me at least, an important thing of security, and a key factor of feeling more relaxed. I have not seen any bears yet, that moment I look very much forward to. Learning to work with them, as a part of kayaking in Alaska, is also something I look forward to. Already on day one I feel that we have learnt a lot, at least about what we might have ahead of us on this section.