Mon 05/11-2018 Day 300

Pos: 32.8545,-117.2594″
Loc: Oceanside
Acc: Jen’s shop “La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks”
Dist: 46,1 km
Start: 08:00 End: 17:30

We had daylight saving time done by Sunday, so our time is now one hour earlier. Gary volunteered to pick us from Jen’s house, as she was gone Sunday morning with Shan and a bunch of clients on a trip in La Bufadora/ Mexico. We will be there in six days!

Gary’s bus took us safely back to Oceanside, and we launched again from the boat ramp. All easy, thanks to Gary! We started as usual with a dead calm day, but it mutated today into a slog into headwinds! Not strong, maybe 10 knots until afternoon with the sea calm, but from maybe 2 pm it was choppy and the headwind increased to 12 knots. Not sure where that came from…but maybe I should have read Karel’s update right…! So we pushed on hard for 46 km into the wind today, but after two day of rest it was doable. Lisa held up well, good girl!

We passed hundreds of surfers as usual, though the surf look landable to us, and we were more than once tempted to call it a day on the long beach along the cliffs. But who wants to get wet on a surf landing, and who wants to be looked up by the cops at night again, as there were wheeltracks on the beach. The second last night in the US I like to sleep in style – in Jen’s kayak shop “La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks” in La Jolla beach. There should be a boat ramp just at the end of the road, where the shop was three blocks up.

With the headwind, it got a bit later than we were hoping, as we were starting also a bit late due to the necessary transport back to Oceanside. The sun disappeared this evening behind a thick cloud bank, and it was dusk pretty soon.We landed in very last light, actually rather darness through low surf on a beach where that ramp should be – it was rather only te end of a road leading to a flat beach. No ramp, no trucks with trailers and strong fishermen helping us and our kayaks up the road…

So we needed to get creative ourselves. An Uber car seemed to be the best solution to aul the gear, as there was no one in a car around. the first car we called, te cheap carpool version requested us to meet the driver one block up – hahaha, that is not what we need a car for. So cancellation, fee charged, complained, back to zero. The second car we ordered in the upgraded class came instantly, and the drier got some good tip for hauling our bags in the car and then up to the staircase where Jen’s shop was. Lisa was watcing the kayaks, I picked a trolley out of the shop. Lisa got her kayak on it and was walking it those three blocks up the road, meanwhile I was lucky to find a nice guy with a truck who got mine on the roof and drove it unleashed with me standing on te truckbed and holding it up to the roof.

The more tricky part was to get the two kayaks up the staircase, this was up to Lisa and myself. But we made it, and made ourselves at home in the shop. Thanks, Jen, to let us stay there! A beach camp might have been easier, but maybe not as safe and calm – once the music from the pub below will stop. Or earplugs…

We could have easily fed us in the pubs below, but we opted to use our own food resources and cooked inside the shop. Nice camping style! 🙂