Mon 07/08-2017 Day 131

Pos: 48.1208,-123.2871
Loc: Green Point
Acc: tent
Dist: 34,7 km
Start: 5:25 End: 14:25

I started off in FOG again…how exciting. Thank goodness for the GPS, I wouldn’t want to go without! At least the tide was with me until I reached Dungeness Spit, with a 12 knots headwind it created steep choppy waves, but at least some progress around 5 km/h. I landed at the spit for a pee, I could see the land only 300 m before. No boat traffic this morning. But soon, still in fog, a bunch of beach walkers came along. The fog finally lifed already at 10.30 am, with the headwind increasing to solid 15+ knots. I tried to find the non-existing eddy at the tidal turn at 10 am, but could only crawl along with 4 km/h. I had more pleasant days than this one!

I landed a couple of times to relax, the long sandy spit and then a long line of sandy cliffs were really moderately exciting…I decided to call it a day at Green Point, where the beach was free of people walking along, and no houses in sight. The low surf waves created a noisy rumble on the large cobbles, especially around high tide at 4.45 pm it was crashing quite all right on my beach. But I was camping safely, and continued on my sewing and rigging chores. Quite all done now. This wonderful north westerly wind is what I need later when I turned around Cape Flattery. I really should have started from there, both times…but then I couldn’t have named it “A Paddle from Seattle…” 🙂