Mon 09/04-2018 Day 183

Pos: 37.5030,-122.4808
Loc: Half Moon Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 47,7 km
Start: 08:00 End: 16:30

We arrived early at Horseshoe Bay, Joe driving, Anita joining us for professional pictures. Just felt sorry iI didn’t put on make up this morning…!
We were geared up pretty quickly, and Anita had ample time to shoot us off from all sides. Thanks! looking forward to the results!

Launching time was set to 8am, and or new paddling partner Mishael Rosenthal was perfectly in time. He must have been in a rush in the morning though, as when he packed his kayak bending over, his polyprop long underwear displayed the front opening split open at the rear… LOLLLL! Bummer…when he’d have to pee at sea, he might not have found under his dry suit pee zipper what he urgently would need to use…

Mishael showed up in a Rockpool Taran, with only stuff for one day, so he felt happy to carry at least two of my own heavyest bags…thanks! Still he had the most light weight and fast also kayak, and was the strongest paddler among the three of us…I was hoping he would not get bored too much paddling with two slowish, heavy loaded elderly women…

We had a light current going out under the Gate, and ferry glided easily across in quite a straight direct line with no problems to the southern opening of the bay. The swell was still highish along the wide open Ocean beach, no way of even thinking about landing here…but we paddled safely along, just like in an elevator up and down. Chatting was up in all constellations, always interesting to talk with new paddling partners! Thanks for joining us, Mishael! He was asking me about how I’d keep safe with the polar bears…and if I’d use a few of Jaime Sharp’s methods to keep them at bay? No, I said, I’ll rather use Jaime! …himself…as he is aiming to paddle with me next season…)

Across the cliffs at Linda Mar, the sea felt lower, but also a tad bit rougher with the reflections. The Colorado reef forced us out for a wide berth, but all good, as long we were not paddling side by side but rather in a line.

At some point I spotted a few interesting new marine mammals, some of them on boards, one of them on top of a surfski! Dough from The Halfmoon Bay Kayak company came out to greet us and to safely guide us around the reef to the harbor entrance. Not that my GPS won’t tell me where to go…but very nice anyway, thanks! He didn’t stay long with us though, as the speed difference is just too much. I was aiming for the green bell buoy where my chart showed the finish of the reef and it’s nasty breakers, and I think I did quite right…Mishael was following me, Franca stayed rather to the left with Dough….where one nasty crasher was close to trash both of them…but all safe!

Thanks to the Halfmoon Bay Kayak company with Chris and Dough to provide us a camp spot in front of their shop, plus water and internet. And thanks to Mishael to join us! It was a great day!