Mon 10/04-2017 Day 17

Pos: 49.3649, -126.2658
Loc: Hot Springs Cove
Acc: Shawn’s Boat “Inn-chanter”
Dist: 40,7 km S
tart: 08:00 End: 15:30

We are gone! J.F. and Kevin sent us off, Kevin armed with a drone buzzing over our head son the launch. We were starting from Liam’s “Sea Kayaking Tofino” place, and I was happy to hug another little man to say good bye – Liam’s 3-year old son Cohen! It did not take him *that* long to jump on my arms…
It was a sunny start of the day, paddling on calm waters inside Vargas Island, and I was envisioning some wildlife showing up on the “catwalk” of top of the cliffs below the dense forest…and there they were! A wolf showed up, with light brown fur coat, strolling not very shy along the rocks, but still about 100 m away from us. We paddled closer, but kept on chatting somehow noisy, while even a second wolf followed the first, of black color and quite larger. But when were close enough to take reasonable pictures, they disappeared… Next time we should better approach in some more noiseless, stalking way!
Whaler’s Islet was lurking in the distance with some high sand dune, but we had to fight our way out there against some counter currents and over some big rollers. Nothing too bad though. The Northern beach did not look too inviting for a quick stop, with some criss cross waves, not too high, but not inviting either to end up with a cockpit full of sand and water on landing or launching. So, we stayed out, and had some snacks still afloat.
The sun preferred to disappear as soon as we started to go out of the shelter of the islands, and rain was or company all those 20 km along the open coast. The 3 m seas turned out to be not too bad breaking on the scattered rocks and islands, and we threaded our way inside relatively protected waters with some offshore reefs and islets. The worst risk of today was to be run over by one of the many shuttle boats aiming for Hot Springs Cove!
But sure, the headlands liked to be a bit lumpy as usual, we had to give the first one at Flores Island a wide berth with some nasty breaking stuff, and the second one at Rafael Point developed some steep swell. Up to ten float planes were flying over our heads, continuously dropping and picking tourists off the hot springs. I would need such a plane flying in behind me, and dropping my own chef, massage therapist, hairdresser etc. along to my remote camp spots!
Justine had a friend, Shawn, living at Hot Springs Cove with his husband on an old ship he had lovingly remodeled into a floating hotel, sleeping 12 guests. He hosted us and five other guests to a delicious dinner of tuna, stir fried veggies and rice, and Justine brought some of her self-made deer sausages. Self-made and self-shot by J.F.!
After dinner, it was time to hit the well-deserved Hot Springs, this meant to take Shawn’s shuttle boat to shore, and an about 40 min walk on a well-maintained board-walk through dense pine forest with some massive old thick trees. We were fortunately the only ones out here for an evening soak, Justine, Shawn, and his friend Scotty. Many of the logs of the boardwalk had carvings, mostly names of the ships who have anchored there. Shawn had his own board for his ship “Inn-chanter”, Scotty had one, and one was already prepared for me with “Freya” in honor of my arrival – well, …thanks!
The Hot Springs were a magic place in a narrow small canyon in the dusk, and really relaxing our sore bodies! It may give space for about twelve people to soak, and on regular days, shit loads of tourists are barely able to dip a toe in here! And we had the luxury to have them for ourselves! One had to be careful though on not slipping in the fading light, while Justine and I were hopping also over the rocks for a dip in the freezing ocean in between. Nice! The space station was passing over our heads as kind of a bright shooting star, and an almost full bright moon lit the magic scenery. Life was not too bad!
On the way back, headlamps on, we noticed we had “overseen” a sign telling “No nude bathing”. Really sorry! Thanks to Shawn feeding and hosting us on his ship, and thanks to Justine taking me here! We had a wonderful finish of a wonderful paddling day!