Mon 11/03-2019 Day 348

Pos: 26.2546,-112.4771
Loc: San Juanico
Acc: Mike’s hostel
Dist: 21,5 km
Start: 8:10 End: 12:05

Glad we knew we would have at least Tuesday off with swell up to 2,5 m and
winds up to 5 knots. So we could afford to take today a shorter day with 20
km and to start a slight bit later with no big seas or winds (yet)
threatening for the afternoon. Yesterday, Fylkir has somehow lost a contact
lens after launching, and tried to paddle for a while “foggy” but which
made him only “groggy” means sea sick not to be able to focus on the
horizon. I had to dig in his hatches for the right bag and he could get a
new one in. So we learned better to pack all bags always in the same spot –
and to have a pair of spares handy in the reachable bags…which he did
this morning.

We launched through some larger surf than last night but managed with not
too much problems. 20 km felt longer than expected, as the wide headland to
San Juanico is endless…we made some bets if the next visible corner would
be the last one or not. Later we learned this headland has the second
longest of the world with 1,7 miles. We saw already in the outskirts of San
Juanico that his village is occupied by many tourists in RV’s and busses,
plus some villas which kind of looked not Mexican but like holiday homes of
rich US people.

We felt like we deserved again a room, and in lack of some personal hosts,
we signed up again for a hostel for 25$ per night. This one was nice,
lovingly and very clean run by Mike and his wife, who is an old traveler,
surfer, and sailor with many stories to tell. he helped us to get off the
beach with bags and kayaks, and we settled into a friendly small room, all
surfer-decoration everywhere.

We are actually looking quite much forward to have two city rest days!