Mon 12/03-2018 Day 155

Pos: 44.6301,-124.0419
Loc: Newport
Acc: Maribeth and Rachel’s house
Dist: 31,9 km
Start: 09:00 End: 16:40

I was quite early awake this morning, doing some office work. But in general, I’m getting a good night’s sleep now, and feeling quite fit on today’s third day paddling! I just had to find a friendly helpful hand to get my kayak to the launching ramp, which came with some park warden on his early morning checking tour.

Exciting the zig zag harbor channel was no big deal, and out there, the warm, quite strong blowing offshore wind felt like spring! Sunshine, and feeling a good working body into about 15 knots SE. Over the day, it calmed down a lot, that I was eventually rather boobing around in the warm sunshine, texting and calling people, just to feel a bit social which I am missing a lot since the first stupid day…

One spout to see, more to hear, but no real whale humpback showing up…or was I too much immersed into my “office work”? I had to stay quite off the coast, as despite the swell felt low, it was breaking heavily on the rocky coast. The real “wildlife” showed up with sea lions occupying the bell buoy out of the Depoe Bay channel, and inside the harbor of Newport, it was barking, grunting and farting with huge sea lions on every corner. These guys are lazy civilisation occupants!

Entering the Newport channel on about an hour before low tide was a bit of a challenge, but no big breakers in the middle, just a bit of current to fight. I was able to store my kayak on a private jetty with the help of Phil and Scotty from the Englund Marine store, and Adam was picking me up with his over sized for my typical American truck 🙂

Some great cooking and laughing tonight, will stop typing now!