Mon 12/06-2017 Day 80

Pos: 58.3997, -137.0753
Loc: Kaknau Creek
Acc: tent
no paddling today

A good physical relaxing day after five days of paddling, the last one very hard and long. I found to sleep yesterday only after midnight, and it took me a long time to get my frozen feet and legs warm and to relax my mind from the continuous adrenalin rush yesterday. It was raining most of the day, only a few hours in the afternoon were dry where I had a brief walk and took pics. No new bear traces. Just finished lunch/ dinner, and will mentally prepare for tomorrows another 50+ km day into Lituya Bay. No landing in between on rocky steep beaches. But it should be all right!

Mike will decide if he will continue then with me to Yakutat or even Cordova and will take the ferry back one day, or if he prefers to paddle back already from Lituya Bay. I would not mind his company further on, he is a safe paddler with endurance, good outdoor skills and will manage surf launching and landing with my help. In camp, I might feel safer about the bears. And we both learned to get along all right!