Mon 14/05-2018 Day 218

Pos: 35.1774,-120.7484
Loc: Port San Luis
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 34,6 km
Start: 08:00 End: 15:15

I heard Russ getting up earlier then I did, but as we agreed to meet with a paddling friend of his at 8 pm only, I dared to tun around again. No ranger or such was bothering us here at this lovely beach, thank goodness!

Ingmar paddled around the corner out of Morrow Bay already at 7.20 am. Though he came in an Explorer HV, I felt he was “one of those guys” who are keen to race me…and I felt like to tell him that I am not. ALL of the guys who were anytime on my trips paddling with me for a short time were like that, I had to pace them all down in their empty kayaks, being well rested, strong guys and only out with me for a short time. I best like to NOT talk about “speed” or “faster” and “slower” at all. Even Russ yesterday was heading off like hell, until he noticed how stupid that was…

Anyway, we all three paddled nicely along for a while, until we changed direction from south west to south east after we paddled around Point Buchon and came to the usual big kelp beds upfront the coasts. I showed Russ yesterday how nice it is to paddle easy and safely close to the coast, just inside the kelp bed line, where there are no breakers, and this is where I went, expecting Russ and Ingmar to follow my experience.

Ingmar obviously had his own ideas and preferred to stay far outside the kelp bed, while Russ was following me. I was already paddling for a while on the millpond-like seas topless with the dry suit stripped down in some hot sunshine, would I paddle like that when it is unsafe?? Ingmar was never seen again when he left us to stay far offshore, he didn’t even wait any where at Pecho Rock, before the headland or at the beach…his loss. No need to paddle “together” any more.

When we had to pass the security zone around the big power plant at Diablo Canyon, we gave it a wide berth as requested. Russ has been working inside the plant with his Special Services Company twelve years ago, changing the turbines, what a job! It looks like a scary place to me, and we were both happy to be off range of the security zone soon.

The wind has breezed up meanwhile to some choppy seas, and Russ had to get used to my more tippy kayak. But he did well, and paddled much harder than both mornings when we had dead calm seas and winds – conditions which make me fall asleep on paddling! Now I almost had a hard time to follow with my heavier loaded boat…glad to sea how my paddling partners adjust to my kayak!

Turning into the wide San Luis Obispo Bay to hit Avila Beach, we had to paddle 2,5 km against now strong headwinds, some good final exercise!

It was my last paddling day with Russ and the finish of my southern section for now. I’ll continue here probably in October!