Mon 15/05-2017 Day 52

Pos: 54.3193,-130.3185 Loc: Prince Rupert Acc: Sheila + Greg’s house no paddling today
The last day in Prince Rupert! I went food shopping this morning, while John was sanding and finishing my kayak hull layup. Perfect work! He also could get the parcel with my Optimizer device for eventually being able again to send out my e-mail updates every evening via my sat phone – like I did regularly around South America. The installation of the device seemed to look good, but it was still not working…my partner Peter Unold tried his best for 1 1/2 hrs from Sweden via Team Viewer to get it going. The last resort was then the re-install the x-gate program. But the download took that long that he had to hit the bed in Sweden with 9 hours time difference ahead.
A chance for John here to jump in and to prove one more skillin his bundle of multitalents – after the download and installation was finished, he was able to get the whole new setup eventually going. Thank goodness! Nothing is stressing me much, but non-working IT-stuff does…
Next job for my best host ever was to assist me on water testing the bottom of my dry suit, as I recently got a wet ass on paddling. It looks like we found the leakage. Couldn’t glue the suit though today, as it has to dry first. A job for the next sunny beach stop, maybe already tomorrow!
To relax, John took me on a short scenic drive on HW 16, to see also a bit from the hinterland of Canada. Thanks! Stunningly beautiful so far!
Meanwhile Mike was back from his test paddle with his new QCC kayak, he seemed to fit everything in, and even performed a few chilly rolls! He is feeling also all set to launch tomorrow early morning. It will be fun! A sunny day, but a light to moderate headwind. See how far we’ll be paddling…