Mon 16/04-2018 Day 190

Pos: 40.7716,-124.2133
Loc: Eureka
Acc: Damon’s house

no paddling today

Merrill and I drove first down to the Halfmoon Bay kayak shop, to check on the options for him which kayak to use. He also tried my spare kayak, and I trusted him to be able to handle it. He has paddled a lot of surfskis and in surf, so he will be fine with that.

A longish road trip, some food shopping on the way, and I was back to Damon’s house who meanwhile kept my main kayak. Thanks Damon! Felt like coming home…this time with another paddling partner. We packed our food, and got ready to be picked up by Michael Morris tomorrw morning 5am. It feels so good to have so many helpful hands around! Thanks to everybody who is making this big trip easy happening!