Mon 19/11-2018 Day 314

Pos: 29.5216,-115.2679
Loc: Puerto Santa Catarina
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 41,7 km
Start: 07:00 End: 15:20

Lisa’s launch went a bit rough on not perfect timing this morning. We pushed her kayak down the gravel too early, I told her to already jump in on a high wash and to close the deck, but I didn’t let her go yet. When I finally did, I shouted her a couple of times to speed up over the foam after another breaker, or to stop again when the way out didn’t look free yet and to wait another foamy breaker to paddle over for a new chance to break out. Finally, I saw a gap, and shouted her to speed on and to gooooo! It worked.
For myself, I timed it luckily perfect to speed-push down the steep gravel, to jump on and ride out without a drop in my face. This safe jumping on after a speed push-out with bum in, legs still out Lisa has to learn for an easier safer launch. Also, when she likes to be by herself one day…

Two fishing boats stopped today for a brief chat, one had an adorable young man of maybe 10-11 years sitting proudly on some crab pots on the bow of the open fishing boat, escorted by two adults. How he enjoyed the speedy ride! Usually, when fishing boats see us, they perform some extra speedy power slides around their crab pots to show off a bit…men are men! The young man was nicely helping his dad and maybe uncle pulling up the pots. Monday morning, no holidays, school of life?

We saw another school, this time of many, many dolphins! Wonderful! A sleeping sea lion sticking one of his bow fins and his tail fin straight up in the air, occasionally lifting the head for a deep breath. We let him be after some pics and sneaked away.

Many of the steep gravel beaches were littered with white solid plastic bags for families living on collecting rocks of certain sizes and color. What a job! A beach truck seem to collect the bags, and a large truck finally drives them away. But we had the impression the collectors were more busy than the drive-away guys, and we were wondering if many of those bags were collected in vain…?

The swell went down a lot during the day, all beaches looked landable, at least from the distance. I had picked a spot named Puerto Santa Catarina, which was basically an accessible beach where fishermen launched their boats, no harbor. We had our doubts about coming closer if there would be anything, but we found a small fishing camp with a bunch of shacks and maybe 10 functional boats.

I landed well over a moderate outer reef break into a wide soup zone, Lisa got caught and capsized. She could stand where she bailed out, but it was a bit offshore. I signalized her to jump simply back on again and to paddle across the wide soup zone, but she preferred to walk, flooded kayak in tow…

We found a nice sandy spot inside the dry river mouth, a bit away from the main launching spot of the fishing camp. Not that we get woken again at 4 am… 🙂 We had barely unloaded, when Antonio, one of the fishermen walked by, probably curious, and offered help with carrying bags and kayaks. Very welcome, thanks, caballero! I signed him a card, which he seemed to value a lot.

A bit later, Lisa and I were almost back from a short walk toward the village where we admired the small shrine for Santa Catarina with a bunch of burning candles, a truck drove on the beach up to us, and two smiling fishermen, Antonio again with Alfredo, offered us a plate with four (!) deliciously barbecued lobster tails! What a pleasure and treat, we were just deadly hungry! Thanks so much to Antonio and Alfredo! Yumm, yumm…we didn’t need to cook tonight! Two wonderful smelling, spicy-oil-dripping lobster tails for each of us filled us up more than enough. Some nacho chips and for desert white chocolate rounded the delicious dinner on our beach with a wonderful sunset. Life could be worse…