Mon 21/08-2017 Day 145

Pos: 46.7376, -124.0795
Loc: Cape Shoalwater
Acc: Terry and Bruce’s house
no paddling today

Terry and Bruce took me to a spot in town with no fog at that time, and we were happily watching through some dark paper glasses the almost total eclipse of the sun. It got quite chilly for a while…

Later, Terry took me up to the tower, a nice viewpoint overlooking Astoria and the whole Columbia River, with perfect sunny conditions! We stopped at a special local ice cream café named Frite & Scoop, who has special handmade custard ice cream with a bunch of unusual flavors. This was my second ice cream serving after breakfast with fresh fruit with Vanilla Bean ice cream…Some fresh fruit shopping for the rest of the last six paddling days will supply me with the long time missed vitamins.

Dinner was very special tonight! Terry made a large fresh salmon for a bunch of good old kayaking friends, like Dave Kruger, Tim Kennedy, Bob Kelim and David. Good to meet them all! And I had my third ice cream serving of the day for desert…