Mon 26/11-2018 Day 321

Pos: 28.8128,-114.3766
Loc: El Marron
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 49,5 km
Start: 06:00 End: 15:50

We heard some vague hint of large swells again on Wednesday from our two young American neighbor campers, and when I was asking Karel for the outlook, he confirmed. So we urgently need to be in Santa Rosalita by Tuesday , or we will be stuck for minimum three or more days again on a beach, and this time with not enough water. We would prefer a village stay, best with internet and food shopping. Both we are hoping to get in Santa Rosalita.

But first we have to paddle about 70 km. The forecast was for low seas today and tomorrow, but the wind was finally forecasted (and happening…!) stronger than we expected. It was ne to ne up to 20 knots, afternoon nw to ne up to 15 knots. Sea 1,20 m. Very correct. We started with 20 knots offshore wind on low seas and had to push hard not to get blown offshore. Seas finally built to some uncomfortable dynamics on some long stretch due south, but there we had at least the 20 knots wind rather in our back. Still, we were very happy to turn around a long rocky headland into ta sheltered wide bay. We could squeeze through the outer rocks to avoid a wide berth, and then god sent a small wonderful calm landing beach facing south, even before the wide bay. It was just on the headland, so we did not have to round another long spit into an even deeper wide bay. I saw new crab pots piled up, and some fishing shack which looked very active. Great place for a rest! And we needed one after the lumpy windy paddle!

We grabbed some lunch, and had a quick walk around. The shack looked in good shape, laundry was hanging on the lines to dry, a boat on a trailer was parked down on the big bay. But no car or any person around, it seems like the fishermen were just gone and would be back soon. Or why do they leave laundry out?

The rocks on the headland looked different, white and solid, almost like granite. Very pleasant place! But we noticed the wind had calmed down now, the whitecaps were gone, just on the tide change as expected. We had regained breath and energy, and decided to push on as far as we could today. Seas were calm now on this wide bay, and we dared to cut across the bay with wind going more and more down. One hour, it was almost calm! But the wind came back, north east again, but not 20 but rather 5 knots now, and it stayed. We felt we could handle that, and continued to cut across the bays! Still, we had to watch not to get blow too much out…

We were aiming for a headland which was 18 km away from our rest place, the distance would be just fine for today with about 22 km left to Santa Rosalita for tomorrow. The headland should have a light house and there would be a calm sandy beach landing. But unfortunately, we were aiming all the time to the wrong headland, 10 km further away, and paddled a bit too much out. Before I noticed on my GPS track, I tried to correct our “drift” offshore by pointing more inland, but Lisa didn’t to follow and paddled on “a straight line” to our original headland. Finally I noticed my aiming mistake when pointing inshore didn’t get me more on the planned line, and I had to yell at Lisa to please come in and to me.
I explained her our aiming mistake, and we agreed to better take the original landing now. It would take us half an hour anyway to paddle in! The light house finally showed up in the very last corner. Also, it looked like there was kind of a camp site and some fishing shacks and boats. Nobody to see. All dead again?

We landed easily, though when you underestimate the low surf, just a larger one forces you into a high brace…I got a wet arm! What a shame! 🙂 We had to carry all gear a long way to a dry sandy spot, just besides the access road. Well, good, just in case the weather gets worse than the old forecast over night we could maybe drive out somehow. But we are still hoping to reach the left 25 km to Santa Rosalita on our own keel!