Mon 29/10-2018 Day 293

Pos: 33.7384,-118.3725
Loc: Portuguese Point
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 38,4 km
Start: 08:00 End: 16:00

Sure we got woken by a curious cop at midnight – I friendly told him what we were up to, he friendly told us that here is no camping allowed, but he would leave us there for the night…thanks for the wake-up! I tried to fall asleep again with reading a few pages, but suddenly got the thought I’d need my signature cards urgently in Spanish…! I had them in South America in Spanish, not sure why I forgot the new ones now to translate and to print…hope I will get them done in time.

We got up first light in dense fog, and a few of SUP, K1, surf ski and outrigger guys were already also up for an early morning spin. Seems to be popular here to work out before work. Our homeless neighbor lady had spent the night somewhere dry under a bridge without due, I assume, but moved back to her favorite spot in front of the racks of paddle crafts like the previous day. We moved back on the water.

The harbor was mostly still asleep, and without much more sight seeing in the fog, we paddled out without any traffic. The sea and wind was dead calm-boring again, visibility bad, the beach long and without much to see than sand and houses. But a bunch of early morning surfers – and and many, many large dolphins pleased our eyes. Lisa hasn’t seen any from the kayak yet, and kept smiling allover happily.

We paddled into the small marina and had lunch on an empty boat parking space. Some cute place along the International Boardwalk, so different to the Marina del Rey! We soon reached the natural cliff headland around Palos Verdes Point, and started to scan the beaches for landings.All steep and rocky with a nasty dumper. The first sandy one had a life guard station with a bathroom building, this was to civilized. But the next small bay had two sandy almost empty of people beaches! One had a nasty rolling breaker ont a steep sandy beach, the one to the left displayed a huge plastic pipeline for drainage water – and a Mexican couple enjoying their privacy. But this was the only resonable sheltered landing corner with sandy ground.

We landed, unloaded, but were hoping fir the people to leave soon to be able to occupy the best camping corner ourselves. But instead, four more Mexican people arrived via the steep cliff path, and they had a merry pic nic. We unpacked and dried our tents anyway, and Lisa received some helpful lesson how to keep a from the morning due soaking wet tent halfway sand free on packing. The zipper sliders will be thankful…

We looked at the tide table, it will be high tide around 4 am, but with 1,1 m compared to the last high tide 1,7 m, we decided we could set up on another dry spot on our side of the plastic tube – before the Mexicans were gone.

Lisa started cooking, though I was up to explore the headland. What an impressive double tunnel and rock structures! The gully on the other side of the tunnel was running wild on the swell. very impressive! when I came back, I took over the cook pot, and Lisa went for a quick look. Well worth!

the Mexicans had left, and we were hoping to be on this beach just by ourselves. Some headlamps walked down the path of the other side of the beach, but thank goodness continued to the other headland for fishing. Please stay gone!