Pos: 57.7923,-152.3870
Loc: Kodiak
Acc: Deb and Eric’s house
rest day

Oh, I woke like being in a sanatorium! My whole body cried for rest and recovery after those ten days of continuous paddling, and especially after the last hard one. Not enough sleep yet, as I liked to catch up with my online chores today. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

I got invited to the local radio station for an interview. Young handsome radio reporter Mitch Borden took me into his soundproof cabin with all the microphones and started his very interested questions. At some point, he was wondering what I was thinking all day, if I would not getting bored? “Do you play mind games, I mean, like playing with yourself?” LOL! “Yes, young man, I do occasionally play with myself, even when I am in my kayak!” BLUSH!!!! LOL!!! FLUSH!!! LOL!!! What a pity this was not a live broadcasting! Thank goodness the cabin was soundproof…and so many journalists are wondering about questions which have never been asked before on my interviews…I am looking forward how he is going to edit this piece now? Stay tuned on the local Kodiak public radio!

Another interview in the afternoon for the paper with Derrek in Deb and Eric’s house was also kind of refreshing, as a fan and “co-interviewer”, Bill Foster from Sitka, traveled extra the long way to Kodiak to see me here now, as he missed me in his hometown. It was a pleasure meeting you, Bill!

Tom Pogson came later to discuss my kayak storage, thank you so much to look after my baby during the long ten month I’ll be away from it! He will put it into his frost-proof kayak container, and even check on the leaking day hatch and other minor damages. Ready to go next year again in June!

Deb was cooking an absolute delicious halibut filet piece Eric has caught the day before, with a lot of fresh veggies. Just what the doctor ordered! Actually, I noticed I did not lose as much weight as I usually do on such long trip. Eating together with so many nice friends and co-paddlers is bad for the good shape… 🙂 Thank you so much, Deb and Eric Engvall with Tom Pogson to look after me and my kayak so nicely here in Kodiak! When I’m back next year, I will spend a few days more and maybe give a public talk on my start.