Sat 02/03-2019 Day 339

Pos: 27.4487,-114.5615
Loc: Bahia Tortugas
Acc: tent Hilleberg Keron 4
Dist: 47,4 km
Start: 8:20 End: 16:15

Maria and her crew from the seafood restaurant where we had the birthday dinner were waving us goodbye from their balcony. We launched just from there as it was the closest beach spot from our hostel to carry down our gear. We were well rested and eager to make distance today. The forecast was 1,40 m seas and winds around 15 knots northerlies. So all good!

Jacket off, jacket on again, jacket off again – and the music on for a power session with nice surf swell! I had fixed my download problems on my phone and had all the songs available again. The first time now, I was using an external waterproof blue tooth speaker and not my phone speaker only. That was working well for my co-paddler! He could properly hear everything – when we were staying reasonable close together. Our boats were freshly heavy loaded, and Fylkir carried most of the water…so we could stay together most of the time.
I got a compliment from my man, as he dubbed my surfing to music “gracious and effortless”…thanks, my love…years of open ocean surfing with a heavy kayak…you’re on the best way to get there soon! And then *I* will see only your broad shoulders from behind…
In one bay, it seems like the whales loved our music, as they were spouting everywhere again. Gracious dolphins added to the show, plus the odd sea lions. The wind breezed up, and after a point where we saw our first sea lion colony, it was time to relax and to switch off. Great workout!
Fylkir was worried conditions would get worse by the hour, but I could calm him down about that – these were already the forecasted 16-18 knots, and after the tide change at 2 pm the wind would likely calm down a bit, plus we were now paddling more east-south-east than southeast.

So it was. We could relax again and found a bunch of open beaches which looked even possible to land. We passed Puerto Escondido, a cute small protected landing harbor where even a boa was afloat. We were aiming for Puerto Nuevo, which had an inviting beach before the village. But it was only 14.30 h, and we had nothing to suffer when the conditions calmed out again. We passed also the possible village landing, which looked actually not all that inviting from our distance with a breaking reef. We would have to enter probably from behind.

Our goal was another nameless village landing about 5 km further along the coast. Also, there was an inviting beach before, but we liked to check the village landing and would turn back if that one was not very protected. I approached it carefully but decided the swell was too high to land safely in the bay with many rocks and a concrete ramp.

So the beach before it was. The reef break before was big, but it had a small sandy corner before the seep rocky beach. At half tide now, it was only one breaker to overcome and we would run out in the foam water on the sandy flat before the steep cobbles. I had landed those kinds of beaches before and felt confident it would be very doable. Still, I had to back paddle three huge breakers and just backed up over their crests before I dared to get closer and finally sprinted safely in.

I secured my kayak and waved Fylkir in. First a bit more back south, then in a diagonal line to my spot. When it was calmer, he got closer, and I saw the lull for him to sprint in and waved frantically. Fylkir reacted prompt and came safely in. All good! We better had to quickly unload and get the kayaks up to the rocks before the running up tide would trash them up there.

Fylkir was the first on top of the three rocky gravel ledges and came disappointed down again – there would be no camp spot…only rocks…but that was just what I wanted! Camping on gravel is wonderful, if it is small gravel and leveled…dry and clean…there is always a first time for new camping conditions for my paddling partner! We found a spot with small rocks and helped it bit out on leveling. then it was perfect! How to secure the tent? Just pick large rocks and weight down the wide sand pegs…finally, a test lay-down on the blown up mattress proved all is fine!

We made a short walk to the nearby canyon which even had some soaking areas of leftover water from better (rainy) times…but nothing really exciting to see here.
Time to relax! For me, after I wrote my update…