Sat 03/11-2018 Day 298

Loc: Oceanside
Acc: Jen’s house

Ah, nice to sleep in a bit! You think…I was up from 5.45 to do office work, updated all my posts, pictures, tracks, tables and what nt from the previous section, before I can move on to plan he new one. Discipline… 🙂

Some gear and kayak repair, before Shan took us to the Mexican boarder where we briefly signed in for the necessary tourist card for 6 months. Easy procedure, and back to the USA. Now when we will paddle across the boarder the next days and might be stopped by a patrol boat, we have the necessary stamp and card already. Should be all good!

A brief stop to a marine store to buy some epoxy resin, and I continued fixing this and tat at home, before it was time to get ready for my talk. We have set it on a Saturday in the hope people from further away might be tempted for a drive, but the turnout was unfortunately rather small, barely 30 people. Sorry for everyone not keen or able to attend, their loss… 🙂

But the people being there were fully engaged, and got a full evening talk and were asking a lot of questions after my presentation. Nice crowd, thanks! I met our host from Newport/ Laguna Beach, Mo Horris, my old paddling partner Franca Ciora, and Victor León, our upcoming most important contact in Mexico. Good to see you (again), folks!

And thanks so much to Jennifer Kleck to organize the talk!