Sat 05/05-2018 Day 209

Pos: 36.1648,-121.6783
Loc: McWay Rocks
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 27,7 km
Start: 10:15 End: 17:00

We all rose early, to start driving at 5 am. Laura and Julien loaded two kayaks on their car, mine went for now on Scott’s car, as we will meet Kelly on the interstate at a Starbucks to swap. My spare kayak stays at Laura’s, and Scott will have to drive back to San Diego today.

We purchased some breakfast, and after I waved Scott goodbye, I jumped into Kelly’s carto drive south to Point Sur where I stopped those weeks ago my trip south.

The issue was to get back through the gate of the lighthouse area – the friendly ranger from last time, John, who promised to let me in again, was unfortunately not available today. I took his word for garnted, and as the lighthouse tours were due later anyway and the gate would be opened, we simply climbed the fence to get our kayaks down to the beach. All good – so far…on the way back to the road, some other ranger drove by, and told us to leave instantly, as we broke the law by climbing the fence…he was not to calm down and to be explained by John’s friendly promise last time, and obviously preferred to be unreasonable and nasty and to call the police!

Officer Brian arrived, we friendly explained ourselves and my misunderstanding of John’s confirmation I could launch again from here, and surely admitted in that process we had climbed the fence…this was obviously worth a ticket…he had to do his job, but was not as unreasonable as that other nasty ranger, and let us launch with the gear we had grabbed on the first run after we received our citation papers…we would meet up with Julien some 3 miles down the beach to grab our complete gear. What a unlucky, late start of our weekend together, just because of a misunderstanding…

Anyway, we launched into strong tail wind on calm seas, and we three ladies were still happy to be on the way! At the meeting beach, Julien was expecting us already, but we had to walk up a mile to the car park, Laura an myself in dry suits…at “hot” job in the noon sunshine! They only came handy when we had to cross quite some river close to the car park! Kelly and Julien were not in dry suits, so Laura and I took them piggy backing across the knee deep water! Quite some fun!

Less fun, but interesting to hear was a rattle snake along the path to the beach…we didn’t see her, but everyone made a wide berth round that bush…we grabbed our heavy gear bags to walk back to the beach, thanks to Laura and Kelly carrying parts of my “household”! What a surplus job…but the path down to the lighthouse has also been long…

Back on the water after long 1.40 h, we again enjoyed a strong following wind. At some point, Kelly got drifted and was stuck deep in a dense kelp bed, while Laura and I had just been rafting up for a cookie, steering easy through an open strait in the dense kelp bed and getting blown downwind past Kelly with over 5km/h, …”Good bye, Kelly!” Laura’s dry humor caused us LOL!

But we soon happily all three surfed along with over 10 km/h, what a pleasant ride! I forgot my physical tiredness, and enjoyed our merry threesome surf hours!

Conditions soon changed around a headland, and the wind was barely noticeable any more. Time for woman’s talk! We chatted along, so many things to talk about…! Really pleasant company! Many sea otters were hiding in the many dense kelp beds, we had to shovel our ways through some of them, occasionally chasing some seals of their sunny rocks, and some sea lions barking from others. Life was good!

We didn’t see any whales today, but found an almost complete steam bathroom on a beach…it must have been fallen from a helicopter on an attempt to place it at some house, as it still had a solid belt around the round structure, minus the window pane and door…the houses up the cliffs all looked like they could afford to lose a complete steam bath…LOL! Really many interesting expensive architecture up there…and probably all of them “just” holiday houses…welcome to California!

When we spotted a nice sandy beach, I admitted I wouldn’t mind going in already…I was deadly tired, physically from those three hard paddling days with Scott with little sleep and lots of talking, and mentally as I noticed the liquid-filled lump on the backside of my left knee has developed to almost egg-size…I first noticed the lump after the second, 56 km day paddling hard with Scott, no idea what went wrong or different that day…it is not really painful, but it is there…anyone has an idea what it might be, and if it might go away by itself?

I preferred to be unsocial this evening and to go to bed early, not even able to write any update…so sorry for my really lovely ladies company! But I needed my rest and privacy to mourn the destiny of having that lump in the knee…