Sat 05/08-2017 Day 129

Pos: 47.9275, -122.5986
Loc: Foulweather Bluff
Acc: tent
Dist: 34,0 km
Start: 7:35 End: 14:55

Back on the water! As I opted to start the whole trip out of a dead end, I could now start from Port Townsend or Dungeness Spit, but to make it round, I chose the same beach as four months ago. Chris Cunningham sent me off again, just private, no buzz.
I had wonderful SW following wind – until the tide turned at 10.15 am – too early. But I kept on paddling close to the shore, trying to find a nonexistent eddy. Dozens of sport fishing boats out there on a Saturday, too many floating objects buzzing around here compared to Alaska. I miss the wild and rugged landscape, the freedom and solitude in that most beautiful part of the US!
The beach was rocky and widely shallow on low tide, after Point No Point the beach steepened, and I found kind of a beach life today in warm, but not sunny weather.

Suddenly someone from the beach called me: “Are you Freya?” Well, obviously…I came closer, and was greeted by Adrienne, Jeff and their baby Leif, avid surf ski paddlers from Bellingahm! They were asking me where I was going to paddle – “Just around the island…”, just today, or a longer trip? And they also said that they are following me on my Facebook. Well, then you would know where I am just now paddling around?
They gave me baby Leif to sit on my lap, and enjoyed taking pictures while holding my kayak afloat. Next time, I should have positioned the young handsome man right on my lap through my adjustable spray deck! (and keep him there for the next weeks…). I would need a lap warmer!!!

I had opted today to paddle just in tights and shirt with a light weight jacket which I took also off at some point. But yesterday it was warmer and fully sunny! It felt awkward to paddle so light after those months in a dry suit, but this will not be forever…even on the afternoon breeze I felt I would feel better now in my dry suit…but I have him with me.

When the afternoon breeze turned into a 15 knots headwind plus an added 4 km/h counter current, I stopped for the day on a sandy where just no houses were to be seen. I liked to finish a few camp chores I did not get around to in Seattle, like adding a bunch of laundry and multiple purpose lines to my new Hilleberg Allak tent and giving my new Kokatat Ronin PFD as usual a Cesarean and birth to half of the foam layers in the front.

I was so much used to paddle with company in the last months that I really miss it now! If the weather stays nice, I may have company next Thursday for a week with Chris May. See how it goes!