Sat 09/03-2019 Day 346

Pos: 26.6054,-113.0608
Loc: Campo Delgadito
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 33,7 km
Start: 7:00 End: 14:00

Fylkir is writing:
After sleeping quite well, we woke up at around three o´clock by a visit from the coyote we saw yesterday. It sounded like he had taken a friend with him. Both gave a big howl noise and some smaller ones, quite impressive sounding, even though it did not last all that long. We understood it like “hey it’s our territory, not yours” – we got the message and slept on for a couple of hours.

It was crucial for us getting to the Baja Discovery whale watching camp as early as possible, to be able to get through the inlet on high tide. We started with the tide coming into the bay, but strong headwinds of 25 knots. Still, we could paddle in good speed, and crossing some moderate tide races was no problem. An hour of paddling and we arrived at the camp and were greeted by the man in charge. Pepe knew we were coming and has been waiting for us. After introducing us to the whole group of people in the camp, we were invited to refreshments as much as we wanted – what a welcome! Thanks! We got the parcel with our paddles, and also some chocs from Jen Kleck – thank you so much to arrange the shipping! And thanks to Lorna Hill to fly them down!

We spoke with some of the guests at the camp, people from different places of the world were present, all very eager to hear about the trip, and how we were doing things. After photo shooting and saying thanks and goodbye, we were back in our kayaks at 9am.

We had decided to paddle the inside of the lagoon, but just had to find the entrance! Not that much of a problem, a little bit of dragging was needed to get inside, as the tide was still rising. Reaching mangrove areas was a pleasant sign, and our speeds were quite good as we now had a tailwind pushing us to the other end of the lagoon. It was still a little bit unclear where the outlet of the lagoon was, and if we still had to drag over shallows. As we got closer and closer to the end, it came clear we had enough water under the keel until the end., thank goodness. The outlet is small, just beside is a large fishing camp. It looks quite easy and open when we will paddle out the exit tomorrow. It has a deep narrow channel with unbroken water. The tide turns at 6 am, so we have to hurry to get out!

We saw again plenty of whales in the section before the whale watching camp (where else…), it looked like these were different ones to what we have seen before with the Gray Whales. These here are black and white spotted, larger, and seem to be more actively spy hopping out of the water. What a sight! Many large dolphins were feeding in the last entrance upfront our camp. A dozen sea turtles floated past our paddling path. Allover not too much of a bad wildlife day, in wonderful mangrove wetlands in the lagoon.