Sat 12/05-2018 Day 216

Pos: 35.5705,-121.112
Loc: Cambria, Leffingwell Creek
Acc: Russ’ house

I started early working on the kayaks, so many little things to clean, to maintain and to repair. I LOVE to attend my babies, second to paddle them!

The bad news are that my other spare kayak I shipped already to Kodiak to use for my paddling partners up north has been damaged severely on the shipping with Lynden transport. They have been very nice to give me a good rate, but what is it worth if one of my babies got heavily damaged…it broke my heart to see the pictures! It can be repaired, but will cost me some money, no one feels responsible for the damages…I am hoping to find qualified help on that job in Kodiak.

I had an appointment with a hairdresser to make me once more 10 years younger – it worked! at least for a while…We had some lunch with Russ’ lovely mom Dell, as Russ will join me paddling on mother’s day, and were shopping for the Flex tape, cutting it in stripes and applying them lovingly. Looks actually not bad with the black seam stripe now!

We assembled the kayaks back to use, and I fitted Russ into my spare kayak. We will paddle together for two days Sunday and Monday further south. Will be nice!