Sat 15/07-2017 Day 113

Pos: 60.0688, -149.4356
Loc: Seward
Acc: George and Tula’s house
rest day

After my online-morning, Tula took me to the Alaska Sealife Center where she is working at the research department. I felt honored to get a private “behind the scenes” tour by Nancy and a few of the girls working in the areas where no regular tourist can go. George was joining us.

The first highlight was a huge sea lion bull, who was not available for public view. I was unfortunately not allowed to take pictures of the massive guy either. But I got so close to him on giving him a “kiss” through his fence! Feels very different to having him afloat besides my kayak! The female sea lion just feeding her pup was looking so small in the next pool area…

Next was an abandoned sea otter baby who also just got fed by her nanny. So cute! She could present the fishy bites in many ways to give him a bit of a challenge. So cute!

But the absolute stunning attraction was a walrus baby who needs to be attended by a nanny 24 hrs. The girls stay in shifts with the young baby and sit down to cuddle him. I volunteered to do the same, but unfortunately, they did not let me…

Besides those animals, many more pools and aquariums with seals, sea lions, fish of all kinds, birds and crabs were so exciting to explore. The Alaskan Sealife Center is really a stunning, exciting and educative place! And so great to be able to peep behind the scenes with Tula, George, Nancy and her girls! Thank you so much!

I invite Tula and George for another ice cream, before Josh sent me a text Kurt from the tree house in Little Johnstone Bay was up to fly to Seward with his float plane and to meet us for dinner at Josh’s cabin. As I have not seen Josh’s place so far, I was excited to see how he is living. He has built his dry cabin two years ago on a steep site in the forest, including sauna, and a wonderful large hammock to hang out in the evenings. A wonderful living space and place! And some good talks and laughter with Kurt. Sure, we liked to see him flying off from the lake with his float plane! Good to have long waterproof boots for that job…