Sat 19/08-2017 Day 143

Pos: 46.7376, -124.0795
Loc: Cape Shoalwater
Acc: tent
Dist: 25,3 km
Start: 6:10 End: 10:20

I slept well and was looking forward to being back on the water by myself, missing company as most of the last weeks. I went out just half an hour before slack low tide, so when I would be turning around the jetty point, it should be fully slack. Still, it was quite rough there! But most danger were the dozen small fishing crafts buzzing also around that corner, and avoiding the rough criss cross waves and breakers, less controlled than I took them.

But I managed to make them see me, and did not get run over. Once back in Venezuela was enough…The next section was paddling as usual, today in bright sunshine, but swell high. I stayed out, until I saw the corner break of Willapa Bay entrance, and turned even more out. My GPS navigated me right into the main channel, and I could avoid all breakers. My original plan was to cross Willapa Bay, but I knew I would be staying there quite in wilderness on the southern point in Leadbetter State Park. Usually perfect and welcome – if I would not have the gut feeling I may not continue tomorrow as wind and swell would be too high to make a safe beach landing. – Or I must wait for the tides to change to turn into the dreaded Columbia River with favorite tide in the late afternoon.

I will have to check the forecast tonight and see the whole week’s outlook to decide on a beach landing in between here and the big Columbia river mouth, or I may get a pick up by Terry Turner and her husband to wait in “civilization” until when I may be able to paddle 55-60 km in one go and land in favorite tides into the Columbia River!

I took my time with the early landing in sunshine on kind of a remote beach point, and changed my rudder fin and sealed a few smaller holes in the hull. Besides that, I was thinking all afternoon about tides, currents, weather and how to continue south…