Sat 24/11-2018 Day 319

Pos: 29.2407,-114.8330
Loc: Playa Cuchillo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
no paddling today

Finally, the strong wind came. Up to 30 knots today, very rough and high seas. Day three of our rest days on the beach. Hopefully the last? We are ready to go again! But it has to calm down quite a lot ove rnight. So far, the forecast is 1,50 – 1,20 m, with low winds all day. Sounds not too bad.

I went for a long hike south today, and reached the cliffs on the other side of our long beach area. Impressive seas! I found a very deep, very long and very narrow gap in the cliffs, with a small natural bridge over it. I didn’t dare to cross…it looked too fragile, and it was so windy…

Back in my tent, I had to wipe my bare legs from the dust. The last 500 m, I was walking in low flying sand, it felt like walking on a sea of fast moving clouds. Amazing picture.

We got another fish filet from our young neighbor guys with the small van, they went out spear fishing even in the rough seas today. Brave, thanks! Together with the (for her unknown) grains Lisa finally dared to cook, it was one of the best dinners we had. Delicious!

Hope we can paddle again tomorrow!