Sat 26/08-2017 Day 150

Pos: 45.5575, -123.9404
Loc: Tillamook Bay
Acc: tent
no paddling today

Call me a surf and wind wimp – I stayed in today. I have only one halfway sheltered reasonable beach landing spot ahead, this is Cape Kirwanda in 45 km. The wind for today was as bad as yesterday – morning calm, then afternoon 25+ knots. This would have been already marginal to reach the cape in about 9 hours from 6 am. The swell forecast for today was according to Karel morning 1,20 to afternoon 1,80 m. The latter sounds not like a beach landing in unsure shelter. Wind guru said much lower, but as the wind was already marginal, I liked to trust Karel…

As I really would like to reach Cape Kirwanda on my last day to have an easier start next year independent from the tide, and as the forecast for Sunday was better with lower wind and moderate seas 1,30 m, I used my day off to recover, and – most important – to write my inventory lists of my kit. The things I have left in Kodiak were already on my list. Now it was to decide, what I will send to Kodiak from Seattle, what I leave in Warrenton, what I will bring to Warrenton and what I will bring to Warrenton to send ahead to Kodiak. At the end, my goal is to have most kit double, besides my electronics, to travel in between as light as possible. This will work! I already brought a few bulky things on shipping my kayaks, but did not really expect to already start on my southern leg. It was quite hot camping in the bright sun today, but my spot was undiscovered by the few weekenders walking past. Just the noise of the prehistoric railway was horrible for a couple of times the day!

But it was worth this month paddling! I got an idea what to expect south, recovered from the “culture shock” and got (again) used to the massive surf on the Pacific. And most important – I already made good friends also here on my southern leg!

Now just pray for my last day of paddling – an easy not too lumpy paddle out of the river mouth with the outgoing tide in the morning and without too much boats also going out. And to have a safe landing at Cape Kirwanda in some reasonable shelter! I was watching two coast guard boast today going out – hope they were just in practice!

Terry and Bruce will be so nice to pick me up, drive me back to their home, and will drive me to Seattle on Monday. So nice, thanks! Obviously, next year I will meet them again, this time flying into Portland. Tim Kennedy will look after my kayak in his shop. Thanks so much, all is organized and set! In Seattle, I will spend a wonderful evening with my lovely sponsor lady Petra Hilleberg on Monday, will pack on Tuesday my stuff in Seattle in Chris Cunningham’s house, and will have to fly out on Wednesday.
I am just mourning the wonderful easy low swell and low wind weather next day here!!!