Sun 03/03-2019 Day 340

Pos: 27.4487,-114.5615
Loc: rocky beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

For many reasons, we did not paddle today, though, to my opinion, we could have at least done it for half of the day. The forecast was morning all northwest 8 to 12 knots with gusts 19 knots with seas 1 m which was ok, the afternoon 16 to 17 knots with gusts 27 knots with seas 1,50 m which was also over my limits.

Fylkir had paddled yesterday with me almost 50 km in quite strong following winds and did great with music power and speed. Still, despite his extensive long-distance experience on mostly the sheltered Baltic Sea – here it is the Pacific with many unknown factors which play on an open ocean’s newbie’s mind. And having following winds all day is – as comforting and easy as it sounds – especially for a Pacific newbie quite stressful. I like to leave my less experienced paddling partner the decision to feel comfortable to go today or not with that forecast, as my experience level is hard to top. I also need to regain my man’s trust into my judgment in our mutual skill level which I might have underestimated on day three were we both were swimming in the inlet entrance on rough seas. I just need to take it easier.

Fylkir felt not sure if we could reach at least San Pablo as the first safe landing before the unfriendly 27 knots whip up the seas (well, I felt quite sure we would, but I was not talking him down…) Also, we are not going more sheltered east-south-east like yesterday the last half of the section, but due south, and then around a wide probably rough rocky headland into the first safe landing. Yesterday, the wind breezed up around 11 am, and today we might have only been able to safely land at 1 pm after 30 km.

Besides, Fylkir’s stomach played up a bit last night, and some nasty cold sits in his bones (yes, also Icelanders get a cold…). So overall, my man’s decision was to sit it out today here on this beach, which I was accepting. We are a team, and we both need to be comfortable with all conditions.

We tried not to look at the all morning’s quite calm seas by watching Justine’s and Sarah’s Aleutian video, which showed Fylkir also some new parts of the sea kayaking world. He is quite keen to paddle later this year Alaska with me! His learning curve feels almost as steep as Sarah’s out there, but with the difference I like to keep him by my side paddling all around the rest of the continent and beyond, and do not like to lose neither his trust in my experience and skills to take him along, nor his motivation, nor his love…

Some naps made him feeling good enough in the afternoon to go on a climb-walk along the coast to the next village beach with me where we yesterday refused to land. It was windier than yesterday, but the seas seemed today rolling into this narrow rocky landing with only two sandy spots not as violent as yesterday. Not a single person was around in the small harbor or up in the maybe ten-houses village, nor dogs or any cars. We felt like being in a ghost village on the moon with all the rough rocky mountains around. The way back, we walked via the road into the wide canyon which leads to our beach.

It might be even windier tomorrow, we’ll see how it feel and looks…this is Pacific expedition life!