Sun 06/05-2018 Day 210

Pos: 35.9291,-121.4708
Loc: Pacific Valley
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 38,6 km
Start: 08:05 End: 17:35

I felt better rested this morning, but the lump was still there…we launched and had the pleasure to paddle already through some wonderful arch! More sea otters, more kelp beds, and a wonderful paddle like yesterday close inside the many rocks with low and regular swell. Really pleasant!

Kelly and Laura had agreed to meet up with Julian, our “shore shuttle bunny” at a campsite at the Hare Canyon. Julian was waiting at the beach, nice patient guy! thanks so much for looking afer my paddling partners!

I enjoyed to spot a guy on a floating device e used for speer fishing…kind of a mixture of paddle board, surfboard and kayak with a large hatch for the fish prey, propelled like a surfboard, with fins on, attached to the speer fish diver by a long rope…really interesting piece of kit!

We all walked up to the car at the campsite, and I picked some gear I forgot inside. Kelly stayed at the car to change, while Laura and Julien got ready for a short mutual paddle. i checked with the ranger if I’d be allowed to camp on the beach…sure, NO WAY! I could buy a campsite “close” to the waterfront, but that was not close enough for me to get my gear and kayak up…so I decided to launch again to find the next free beach. Very sorry I missed in this way to hug Kelly good bye! But we won’t have met the last time, lady, thanks for your great company this weekend, and anytime welcome again on my trip! Same goes for Laura…

Laura, Julien and I launched again, and fund a structure of arches with four big openings and more smaller ones…I went through all four! I said now also good bye to Laura and Julien, we will meet again once I pick my spare kayak! Thanks for keeping it!

I paddled on, not really knowing where the next landing beach would be, as I didn’t had time to prepare beyond the section with the ladies…but I found in a wide bay to the very left some unbroken line leading behind some small reef to a rocky beach, where I could land easy and safe. The whole bay was messed up with wide surf lines…nothing to go in on the sandy beach!

But the rocky beach was even better, as no one could access it, and I had it to myself, no rangers or police or whoever chasing a harmless kayaker away…I set tent on the highest ledge, stuffed ear plugs in and enjoyed an early, well deserved rest.