Sun 06/08-2017 Day 130

Loc: No Go Island
Acc: tent
Dist: 46,4 km
Start: 6:00 End: 15:45

I found a letter from some nice folks on my kayak who came past my tent and boat, looked up my website and invited me for breakfast this morning. Very nice, thanks! But the late time they announced was unfortunately not matching my starting time and the tide time, very sorry…

There is only one word for the entire day, it starts with F…, no, not with 4 letters, but with three: FOG! FOG! FOG! High tide was around 4 am, but I did not want to get up in darkness and launch in darkness to make the most out of the outgoing tide. Light is around 5.30 am, I will be on the water that time the next days.

As soon as it was light, FOG was sinking down on the water and covered everything. Foulweather Bluff was aptly named! I staggered for about 10 km offshore on a straight line to the Port Townsend Canal entrance, before I opted to hug the shore. One motorboat appearing almost silent out of nothing not too far away from me was enough!

I hand railed the shore, staying in the shallows to be safe of boats. No jet boats like in Cordova here which prefer driving in the shallows… When I rounded the breakwater entrance into the canal, I could not see the other side, and barely the fishermen on the other end of the fishing lines hanging into the water. I was just in time briefly before slack low tide, and the current carried me nicely through. I did not feel much of a helping current before the canal entrance, first in the confused water off Foulweather Bluff, and then when I had to stay so close to shore and was in the eddy. And after the canal, the tide turned against me very soon anyway, with NO eddy.

Across Port Townsend, the fog lifted at least so much I could also see the ferry just turning in, as I heard it honking the fog horn already long earlier. The fat bastard of a boat decided to take off when I had just fully passed, and honked once more, right into my ear…and once more! And I guessed I was still safe as the line of cars was still long and they were still loading…but those ones had to wait simply for the next ferry.

Point Wilson was quite calm today, the current close to shore not strong against the tide. A friendly fellow was taking endless pictures of me paddling past, and I decided to wait before a smaller point closer to the beach if he wanted to talk to me. A short conversation, where he admitted he had missed me here last time in March, and that there were a bunch of more of them…but that was it. I thought they were all waiting behind the main spit like last time when some other paddlers caught me? Did they got lost in the falling thick fog again?

I hand railed again the coast between kelp and rocks, not able to see the top end of the cliffs. No inviting landing behind the point though, and I decided to paddle on in thickest fog, and once more against the current which was quite strong around McCurdy Point. No landing and camp spot here either. The fog finally lifted at 14.45 h, and here comes also stronger headwind…I was eventually able to camp in some friendly woman’s front yard, after asking nicely for permit, as I needed asylum and felt unable to carry on much further. Thanks!