Sun 08/04-2018 Day 182

Pos: 40.7716,-124.2133
Loc: San Francisco/ Berkeley
Acc: Joe’s house

no paddling today

Franca and I were mourning all morning about having made the decision not to go out today – and found peace later on when we actually drove out to the sea to have a look…

I spent the morning “useful” by researching stuff, and watching paddling videos of the local “Neptun Rangers” to get an idea what is possible in a not-heavy – not long – not carbon – but plastic rocker boat, chatting to my upcoming paddling partners Michal and Natalie, and to dye my grey roots of my hair…feeling instantly ten years younger again!

Franca took me on a ride into downtown San Francisco, and was once more the perfect tour guide and host. Thanks, Franca! I can’t really recall where she took me, up to Coit Tower, down a narrow serpentine road, along the famous tourist area Pier 39 and Fishermen’s Wharf and hwere not, I felt I touched it all – but only on the surface, to give me a great impression about San Francisco on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

HUGE surf waves were standing on the southern span of the Golden Gate Bridge, and on the northern side we hooked up with the “Neptun’s Rangers” boss Bill Vonnegut, when he came back from a day’s coaching trip. Nice group, nice chats over a beer later!

On dinner at Joe’s, I met local photographer Anita, who is keen to come out tomorrow morning to see Franca, Mishael and myself launching at 8am tomorrow morning from Horshoe Bay, and to take a bunch of professional pictures. Thanks! I am already looking forward to see them later!