Sun 10/03-2019 Day 347

Pos: 26.3148,-1122.6265
Loc: behind Punta Santo Domingo
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 57,1 km
Start: 6:40 End: 16:15

We just launched into the dead calm low tide inlet outflow, when the sky started to burn in all colors of red on the sunrise. What a magnificent view! It lasted for about 3-5 min, then it was all back to normal, and another rather gray morning. Still missing the Mexican spring and summer with sunshine all day. Nights are still mostly chilly, despite the new blanket Jen sent us with the paddles.

The ride out of the outflow was as calm as it can get on slack low tide, a low following wind and 70 cm swell height. The conditions for today’s long day are perfect, and we are making good progress. We were staying quite offshore, especially when we came to another inlet outflow with some wide breaker field. A boat was just riding out where we were thinking the calm exit would be, just in case.
Enough entertainment once more out here, a whale every ten minutes spouting, spy hopping or showing his back or fluke, pelicans diving for fish, the odd huge sea lion coming from the final headland colony and our favorite dolphin show. We are feeling so privileged to be out here in the middle of the wildlife!

Still, it was a long paddle today on following seas, though wind and seas stayed relatively low. Lumpy for 70 cm, but we had it worse already. We could have landed likely safe anywhere on the beach along our way in these conditions, but we liked to get as close to San Juanico as possible as tomorrow will e likely headwinds and maybe Tuesday off in the city.

The headland was finally a relief to turn around, and we enjoyed for a while the sounds and views of quite a large sea lion colony. A motor home parked on the cliff top point, nice place to camp! Besides that vehicle and the boat, no signs of civilization all day.

I marked a quite promising looking beach after 55 km, but it was likely it had still the ever-lasting high cliffs behind it, and so it was. We had to paddle a slight bit further to find the sandy beach again with a low surf to land.

This beach was the first to have a lot of driftwood, but rather small bushes than huge logs. It looked quite wild, and I was eager to explore it for glass balls. But nothing to find, not even much of the regular trash. High on the cliffs, we found many piles of probably donkey shit, old and fresh, but no animals anywhere. In the distance, a wide but shallow river bed gave them probably their home and fresh water to drink.

I’m feeling still a bit sick with a stuffed nose, head, and coughing, and Fylkir is coughing already for ten days. Maybe we are a bit underdressed and under-equipped for Mexican winter conditions…still, we can paddle 57 km…