Sun 11/03-2018 Day 154

Pos: 44.8083,-124.0600
Loc: Depoe Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 30,4 km
Start: 10:20 End: 16:15

A good night’s rest…a chilly sunny but humid morning…time to go! But…check the river bar first…and it did look very different from when I came in! The last two hours of the running up tide created such nasty breakers on this morning’s swell I thought I better stay in and wait for the tide to go down again around 10ish…I saw two kayaks on the beach close to the river entrance…what were these guys up to?
I followed the two paddlers just leaving for the other end of the beach, even whistled at them, they turned around, but they didn’t stop walking…well…I slowly followed, and thought they must have important private stuff to talk about…I dared to whistle again, and now came some reaction! Laurence and Matt have been just paddling half out and in again, but were also judging these were too nasty much of trashing breakers…and now they were on their way to Camp Westwind on the other end of the beach to get the ATV to get the kayaks back. After they heard my story, and I got invited to follow them in. Nice chatting, and a wonderful family camp! We drove back to my tent in an open beach ATV, kind of a funny small adventure trip this sunny morning!

I slowly got ready, enjoying each sunny ray, and carefully feeling my body if the strong stiffness was natural after so long time no paddling, or if something was aching wrong…but all good. Just rusty!

With some pondering heartbeat, I slowly neared the river bar, determined to get out without a drop in my face…well, almost! One fat breaker I couldn’t avoid, but ducked down successfully, climbed the next one, and crashed down on the other side from about 2 m…bang! Out I was! Quite some swell going this morning…I had to point out to sea a couple of times when some scary swell was cresting up, and avoided more than once to look to my left where monster breakers were rolling on the unprotected open beach with spraying crests. At some point, the swell went a bit down, and paddling became relaxed.

Not much to see today on the open beach! I decided to try something I haven’t done before, also because I was relatively new to Google Play Music…I just had collected my favorite songs a few months ago…I had some batteries to spare, and decided I’ll paddle now with music! No head set, my phone has amazing strong speakers itself. It felt like paddling at home on my kayak ergo meter, or driving long distance with my car, but I soon realized that the beats per minutes on the ergo meter were matching very different to my real water strokes! I found out the best beats-per-minute songs for real water, and additionally was singing at the top of my voice. Good to have no hoarse voice any more! I could have flipped up the matching texts, to make some real “paddling Karaoke”, but was content with the few words I had to sing along. I also occasionally implement my thoughts into the songs with sentences matching the rhythm…a funny game, thank goodness nobody was listening! 🙂

When I was nearing the cliffs of Depoe Bay, I better stopped the music session, geared up with helmet and PFD, unclipped all safety lines, and kept on paddling up to the red buoy marking the best entrance line under the bridge. The bay reef was breaking horribly! But I knew there would be a clean entrance line, just be patient…I had to let through one fishing charter first, then I was honking my air horn as required and paddled with those two 90 degrees bents into the calm harbor. No ship going out, thank goodness…

I slowly inhaled the harbor feeling, paddled a bit around, and took out at the boat ramp leading to the park. On a green grassy stripe close to a park bench, I decided this will be my “homeless camp” for this night, I just had to get my gear to the sot! A helpful hand for the kayak was quickly found, and I had a few hours to spare in warm sunshine. Not too bad of a city camp tonight!

Tomorrow will be Newport, where a friend of Adam Webb will be hosting me for the Tuesday weather day off. Thanks for that! I could do some office work…and use already a shower…