Sun 13/05-2018 Day 217

Pos: 35.3610,-120.8622
Loc: Morrow Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 26,3 km
Start: 08:00 End: 16:20

Mark, Russ’ son, drove us down back to Cambria where I left the water four days ago. An older asian couple was fishing in the early morning hours, and a kayak fisherman launched the same time as we got ready.
The bay was less sheltered today, or rather the swell period was much longer, the big sets coming in were quite nasty. Russ pushed in all right, jumped on a bit slow, but thank goodness went out over some larger swell waves with no problems. For the fist time launching my kayak in some surf, this was quite good!

As expected, Russ felt a bit tippy in my kayak at first, especially when it s not fully loaded. We both packed only gear and food for two days/ one night. But he adjusted soon to the new feeling with no thigh braces and a rudder. There after, I will drive up to Vancouver Island to spend a few days prior to the symposium with some friends, this will be my “trip holiday” before I continue from Kodiak north.

We had dead calm winds and seas all morning, I really feel asleep a couple of times…until I got the idea to strip down the top of my dry suit to feel less HOT. We saw a few whale spouts, and tried to stay close to the coast for a better view. But even the light afternoon breeze did not really motivate me again to dig in hard after those four days of rest.

We decided to cut across the the visible within Morrow Rock, just to find the entrance more or less blocked by a huge dredging ship of the US Army corps of engineers. Our beach across inside the rive entrance looked dead calm, just paddle in…same mistake as last time…never underestimate the surf! A large set cam in when I was still paralleling the coast, but I got away with a high brace. Russ performed a low brace, and camp was made on a calm corner close to the jetty. Just hoping no ranger will disturb us here!